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Animal Rights,
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"...Activity, Blogs, Forums, Groups, Members..."

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach-Blog
"This blog will explore animal rights issues from a perspective that: (1) requires the abolition of animal exploitation and rejects the notion that animal use is acceptable if we treat animals 'humanely;' (2) requires only that nonhumans be sentient in order to be full members of the moral community and to have the right..."

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
"And Abolition Means Veganism!"
http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/ ~ http://www.animal-law.org/

Animal Rights And Animal Liberation: Empathy For Animals
"Blogging about animal rights and animal liberation..."

Animal Rights and Peas
"This started as my blog for Vegan Month of Food...."

Animal Rights Art By Mariana Cerovecki
"Her articles about animal rights, speciesism, and activism are being published in Croatia and she is also the author of the booklet 'Radical Activism or the Fight for Equality', available for download on the website of the Initiative Stop Speciesism...."

Animal Rights Blog
"...keep up with all the news on animal rights!"

Animal Rights Canada
"Welcome to the growing website to facilitate Animal Rights activities in Canada, sharing knowledge and resources among activists!"

Animal Rights Community: A Community of Animal Rights Activists
"Exchanging ideas and resources on animal rights issues; Offering a platform where knowledge, experience and knowhow from activists can be shared with other animal rights activists from around the globe; Offering an online platform for fellow animal rights activists while supporting and promoting the vegan way of life."

Animal Rights Concerns
"* Exploring the Philosophical Foundations of the Animal Rights Movement. * Mapping out the issues animal rights deals with. * Looking at the reasons behind animal rights. * Encouraging a vegetarian diet and vegan lifestyle."
http://www.animalsuffering.com/ ~ http://www.animalsuffering.com/forum/ ~ http://www.veganforce.com/ ~ http://www.veganforce.org/

Animal Rights Cooperative
"...Animal News, Animal Photos, Inspirational Stories, Legal Updates, Vets Who Care..."

Animal Rights Copwatch
"Welcome to Animal Rights Copwatch which is run by activists from the Western Animal Rights Network and will contain names and numbers of notorious FIT, NETCU and SOCA Cops not to mention beat cops who love to interfere with legal protest!"

Animal Rights Day
"Animal Rights, Animals, Featured, General, News, Pets, Sea Life, Uncategorized..."

Animal Rights Environmental Directory
"Directory to North American Environmental organizations, publications and biographies...."

Animal Rights FAQ, The
"...view the FAQ by topics, who's who in Animal Rights, download the complete file, books and periodicals..."
http://www.animal-rights.com/ ~ http://www.speciesism.com/

Animal Rights Forum
"Is the Abolitionist approach the only way to Animal Rights and success?"

Animal Rights History
"...promotes and facilitates: access to information, humane education, literary research and the preservation of historical literature on animal rights, animal welfare, and the protection of animals."

Animal Rights India (ARI)
"...one stop for animal rights news and happenings of India. The aim of the ARI blog is to make readers aware of the different issues pertaining to animal rights, the work of Indian animal rights organisations, the success and failures of the movement, the myths, ways to help, etc."

Animal Rights Library, The
"...morality beyond humanity..."

Animal Rights Media Collective
"...a site where animal activists everywhere can pool their publishable resources. Here we can share the posters, handouts, stickers, images, and logos we've created in our seperate groups and on our own. Here you might find just the document you're looking for or inspiration to create the one you need."

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