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Vegan Grandma
"I am a retired caseworker with 4 grown sons, three daughters-in-law, 3 grandchildren, and two cats...."

Vegan Grub
"How to Begin Your Vegan Adventure..."

Vegangster: Shoot the Shit
"The hierarchy is only a human concept. A cerebral cortex should make us more thoughtful; not simply make us more important. Question authority. Question your allegiances. Shoot the SHIT that is all around you."

Vegan Guide to Goats, The
"Enough whimsical fuckery about goats and good times...onto some serious shit! MILKWOOD PDC!!! For those of you who don't know what a PDC is (and I was one of you up until a mere few months ago)...it's a Permaculture Design Certificate."

Vegan Guinea Pig: Alicia C. Simpson
"Alicia C. Simpson has been cooking since she was tall enough to reach the stove. She is the author of Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food. Quick and Easy Vegan Celebrations and Quick and Easy LOW-CAL Vegan Comfort Food..."

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine
"Vegan health & fitness magazine is now available in paper format in the both the US & UK & in electronic format worldwide. So, to find out the latest about being fit & health as a vegan subscribe now."

VeganHealth.org: A Project of Vegan Outreach
"...Recommendations, Vitamin B12, Bones | Vit D, Protein, Sports Nutrition, Meal Plans, Vegan Kids, Research on Veg*ns, Disease Treatment, Soy & Food Allergies..."

Vegan Heart Doc: Cardiologist, Vegan, Runner and Ironman Triathlete
"I am an Interventional Cardiologist practicing in the Los Angeles area. I believe that lifestyle -- including diet and exercise -- are crucial parts of our health and well-being. Here, I share my insights on medicine, ideas and information about vegan diets, and my triathlon training adventures...."

Vegan Heritage Press (VHP)
"...an independent publishing company founded by Jon Robertson in 2007 to discover and publish quality vegan cookbooks that promote healthful living and respect for all life. We publish books that bring to vegan cooking innovative ideas that delight longtime vegans, inspire newcomers, and intrigue the curious..."

Vegan Hip Hop Movement
"this is where food justice with a plant-based/decolonial diet perspective meet hip hop and where we explore the intersections of other animal/human/earth liberation. hip hop is rooted in resistance and rich with experience in fighting for social justice."

Vegan Homemade
"I came to veganism gradually. I gave up beef and pork in high school, chicken and turkey a few years later, and seafood in my last year of college. I took the final step and went vegan in 2005."

Vegan Housewives
"...vegan |ˈvēgən|, noun: a person who does not eat or use animal products. Some choose this lifestyle for health reasons, many for ethical purposes or animal welfare and others for religious or environmental causes."

"...an on-line gallery space for artists who are vegetarian or vegan to show their work."

Vegan Ice Cream Paradise, A
"When I got my first ice cream maker, I could only find a handful of vegan ice cream recipes in cookbooks or on the internet. So I started making up my own recipes. And then I started this blog. If only everything else in life could be so easy."

Vegan Ideal, The
"...works to cultivate a process by which theory, learning and skills based on veganism as the principle of non-exploitation are put into practice."
http://www.veganideal.org/ ~ http://www.veganideal.com/

Vegan Improv
"...a blog about what happens when you really start to think about food."

Vegan in the Sun: Caribbean Vegan Delights
"I grew up in the Caribbean island of Barbados and I went vegan in 2006 after a horrible experience with meat. Not the typical route for some vegans but it is not how you got there but where you are today. Since then I am an an animal rights activist and when I am not blogging I am always brainstorming new ideas to help with the cause...."

"We are a group of bloggers providing insight and information about the vegetarian way of life. We have a variety of viewpoints, but we all have a desire to share our experiences and knowledge about vegetarianism and related topics. And we all share a concern about the human use of animals without regard to their well-being."

"More mushrooms, please!"

Veganism: A Truth Whose Time Has Come: Our Next Evolutionary Step
"My life serves as living proof that we can live vegan; being vegan for 33 years. Co-author: Incredibly Delicious; Recipes for a New Paradigm by Gentle World-(gentleworld.org) My essays have been published in magazines and on sites, worldwide..."

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