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Vegan Stoner, The
"How to cook cheap, fast, and vegan..."

Vegan Street
"Helpful Hints for Revolutionaries"

Vegan Tickles
"I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner almost everyday for me and my husband. I try to cook from scratch as much as I can. All VEGAN."

Vegan Tummy, The
"My move to a plant-based diet came primarily for health reasons. By making the transition, I have been able to dramatically improve my health. As you read, I hope you will be encouraged to make the transition to this way of eating, even if it's in little steps."

Vegan Valor: No Holds Barred Vegan Living and Lifestyle
"It takes time for the cloud and the shroud of cultural opium to dissipate so that those under its influence we can start to agitate. But this shaking awake must be done with a hand that takes as its guide kindness and love that must fit snugly as a glove so that we might carry the ember of truth a light..."

Vegan Values: Stanley Sapon
"...a long-awaited opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about Vegan issues with a community of like-minded and like-spirited people. The awakening of my conscience began long before I announced to my family one Sunday morning in 1976, shortly after my 52nd birthday, that henceforth I would eat no animal's flesh."

Vegan Verdict, The: Super Simple Vegan
"My Verdict: Yummy!"

Veganverse: A Vegan Lifestyle Is More Than A Meal Choice
"With health care conditions progressively intensifying, a comprehensive, beneficial vegan diet regime is definitely fast-becoming the well informed solution to our existing menu choices, one which not only tastes terrific but may very well greatly extend your own life-span also...."

Vegan Vice
"...for Animals, Earth, Health, & Sustainability."

Vegan Village
"...to help promote vegan companies online."

Vegan Visitor
"I used to be one of the biggest beef eaters in the bunch, so talk about intimidating when my future in-laws were coming for dinner for the first time -AND THEY'RE VEGAN! What does someone cook? I had no idea."
http://veganvisitor.com/ ~ http://veganvisitor.wordpress.com/

Vegan Vixens
"...to alleviate the suffering of animals, to help people get fit/healthy and to stop global warming through music. The Vegan Vixens are the wave of the future, so book the Vegan Vixens to make your next event fun, exciting and memorable!!!"

Vegan Voice
"Promoting compassion for all beings..."

Vegan Whore
"Because I do in fact, put out for Tempeh."

Vegan Wolf
"...here for vegans, vegetarians, or ANYONE new to veganism, or people who need information on living cholesterol free, or someone who, perhaps has a friend or family member who is vegan, and wants to learn more about what being a vegan means, answering some of the most often asked questions about being vegan."

Vegan Woman, The
"...a platform dedicated to the vegan lifestyle.At The Vegan Woman our gorgeous team of writers from across the globe share their life experiences and what the vegan lifestyle means to them. This website is for you - whether you're a lifetime vegan, a newbie looking for support and information, or someone looking into Veganism...."

Vegan World Order
"...concerned with nothing other than the economic reality that vegans want food tailored to their lifestyle. Here you will find recipes and restaurant listings that address these needs. Debating veganism is secondary for vegans who do not compromise their choices."

Vegan World Radio
"Telling the story of the vegan revolution that's saving animals, the planet and our health..."

Vegan World Trekker - Vegan Travel
"...vegan travel tips: dining, airlines, accommodations, guide books, travel gear, world travel blog..."

"I do my best to make vegan food tasty..."

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