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Vegetarian Diets: A Dietitian's Guide
"I'm Ginny Messina, MPH, RD, a registered dietitian and public health nutritionist-and, of course, a vegetarian. I developed this site to provide basic facts that will make it super easy for you to eat a more plant-based diet."

Vegetarian Dishes
"Cooking vegetarian dishes involves a lot more then just thinking about fresh vegetables. Sometimes we go all out in buying fresh or organic produce, and forget about the other ingredients, which can be harmful in the long run."

Vegetarian Dogs
"Many of you are wondering if a vegetarian or vegan diet might be appropriate for your animal friends. Fortunately, your dogs can be vegetarians! Vegetarian Dogs provides answers and gives directions to easily purchase or prepare a healthy meal."

Vegetarian Duck
"...one man's battle to def(e)at his genetically-doomed, lifestyle-exacerbated sticky plumbing. while still eating every damn thing in amsterdam."

Vegetarian Eating
"Hello - my name is Kelly Simpson and I have been a vegetarian and weight loss 'freak' for a long time. For a long time I had trouble finding good, reliable information on vegetarian diets and weight loss. Much of it left out important aspects of a low protein diet."

Vegetarian Epicure, The
"Hello, and welcome to my food website. It's all about my books, and whatever I'm exploring in the market and in my kitchen. You'll find information about The Vegetarian Epicure, that book I wrote while I was still in college..."

Vegetarian Fatfree Passover Recipes
"This page is still growing! If you have any comments or additional recipes, please write..."

Vegetarian Food Recipe
"All about healthy food - vegetarian and vegan recipes."

Vegetarian Food
"...Cakes, Salad recipes, Soup recipes, Uncategorized..."

Vegetarian For Life
"...to foster understanding of the lifestyle choices and needs of older vegetarians and vegans."

Vegetarian Friends
"Vegetarian Friends.net is the publisher of the monthly journal The Peaceable Table. We are dedicated to providing inspiration and support for Quakers and other people of faith in the practice of love for animals and a vegetarian diet. This journal is a project of the Animal Kinship Commitee of Orange Grove Friends Meeting."

Vegetarian Guides
"...mapping the world for vegetarians and vegans..."

Vegetarian Guy, The: Read Eat Live
"His reputation as a leader in the creation of delicious, healthy and innovative vegetarian cuisine using fresh, unadulterated ingredients flourished as chef and owner of the award winning Inn Season Cafe in Royal Oak, Michigan."
http://www.thevegetarianguy.com/ ~ http://georgevutetakis.com/ ~ http://georgevutetakis.com/blog/

Vegetarian Holiday
"Are you looking forward to the holidays this year? Or are you afraid you'll end up with a plate full of side dishes again? Well, this year, treat yourself or your family members who are vegetarian to their own tasty entree."

Vegetarian In Boston (Massachusetts, USA)
"Maynard S. Clark's Veggie and Boston Blog talks about vegetarian topics AND Boston-related topics, often intersecting them interestingly. Maynard S. Clark is a long-time and well-known vegan in Greater Boston..."

Vegetarian Journey
"I took the advice from some good friends and decided to blog my journey through becoming vegetarian...to help others who might be considering a vegetarian life style..."

Vegetarian Kitchen with Nava Atlas
"...where you'll find dozens of vegetarian and vegan recipes."

Vegetarian Lifestyle
"Adapting to a vegetarian lifestyle encounter the ability to get the right information to start. I became a vegetarian two years ago, at first I felt that something was missing in my diet. I had an urge to eat sugary food, I found out that I was not consuming enough protein. After doing some research about vegetarian diet..."

Vegetarian Mama
"I'm a vegetarian mother, hoping to share my experience with others. Visit my site for recipes, health information, and interesting anecdotes about life in a vegetarian family!"

Vegetarian Mamma
"My name is Cindy, I am the owner and author of Vegetarian Mamma. My husband and I grew up eating meat but decided to make the switch to a vegetarian diet about 8 years ago. Our children have been raised vegetarian but since our youngest son has allergies to peanuts..."

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