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The current Featured Link for Spreading the Truth is Headwaters Forest : "...the last large unprotected ancient redwood ecosystem left in the U.S. when Texas corporate raider Charles Hurwitz took over Pacific Lumber Company, raiding the company's pension plan, selling off its assets, and doubling the logging in the forest so he could pay back his junk bonds debt." -- Find similar and related links in the Environmentalism, Green, and Eco-Friendly Directory.
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Vegetarian World Guides
"...insider advice and information about restaurants, lodgings, and markets for every taste and budget..."

Vegetarian World Order (VWO)
"This site is not only for those of us who are vegetarian. It is for anyone at all that has any interest what-so-ever, in a different, less destructive, more healthful way of life. Everyone should feel comfortable coming here."
http://v_w_o.tripod.com/ ~ http://v_w_o.tripod.com/index.html

"Vegetus (veh'.geh.tuss) is the Latin word meaning lively or vigorous. The word vegetarian was purposefully derived from vegetus, not vegetable, by the folks at the Vegetarian Society of the UK, or at least that's what one of them said (see The Heretic's Feast)."

"The Magazine for Vegan Family Living..."

Veg For Life
"...a comprehensive information and networking site, filled with hundreds of resources..."

"...How to Successfully Become a Vegetarian..."

Veggie Belly: Vegetarian Recipes...Everything From Easy to Exotic
"I was raised a vegetarian and have been vegetarian most my life. I love it and will never change it. But you won't see me preaching vegetarianism. I respect peoples' eating choices. I have a husband who eats meat and I have no problem with it."

Veggie Boards
"...a forum for vegetarians."

Veggie Chef
"...prepare innovative gourmet meals with health supporting ingredients..."

Veggie Connection
"...like-minded vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, and macrobiotics for dating, friendships, and penpals."

Veggie Converter (VC)
"1 vegetarian mom + 1 meat-eating dad & 2 undecided kids = a challenge to create meals that incorporate more whole foods into the family's blended-eater lifestyle..."

"Pam Rotella became a vegetarian in 1984, and has since developed new recipes in order to remove meat from her diet. She holds a B.A. in history and sociology..."

Veggie Date
"...meet veggie singles and share organic vegetarian and healthy vegetarian dishes."

Veggie Fitness
"This blog is dedicated to helping all people from any walk of life achieve a healthy, fit, clean, green, vegetarian based lifestyle. Our goals are to help you become educated about your health and your fitness all while helping to keep our amazing planet whole, loving and clean."

"...providing a support group for Jewish vegetarians and vegans..."

Veggie Kisses
"...move toward a better internet dating experience."

Veggie Life
"...the number one resource for delicious vegetarian recipes, health food stores and vegetarian restaurants."

Veggie Love
"...a singles community owned and operated by vegetarians."

Veggie Place
"...the benefits of a healthy & nutritional vegetarian enhanced diet..."

Veggie Platter: Vegetarian Recipes from India and Around
"...a collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes from India and around. Most of the Indians learn cooking from their mothers. Usually the recipes in a family are passed down from generation to generation, like good old preserved heirlooms. I am no exception to this..."

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