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Blissful Chef, The
"I will show you how to access your bliss with tasty recipes that are free of processed foods, totally plant-based and good for you. I'm on a mission to show that clean food can be delicious, easy to make, and will bring more energy and bliss into your life! How can I help you reach your bliss?"

Blog de l'association Galgos Ethique Europe (French)
"Pour le droit des citoyens européens de voir la législation européenne de protection animale appliquée, actualisée et renforcée dans tous les Etats membres. Pour que cesse l'indifférence des autorités et le supplice des animaux en général, des Galgos et Podencos en particulier."

blog de labrajack, Le (French)
"Je veux faire partager au plus grand nombre ma passion pour la protection animale. Et parler des sujets qui m'intéressent. Je m'occupe de l'association 'Petit Mouton Noir' voir nos actions dans la rubrique 'Petit Mouton noir'..."

Bold Native: A Film About Animal Liberation
"Creative, fun, empassioned, entertaining..."

Bored Vegetarian, The
"We cooked for 21 people tonight. Four courses. Feeling accomplished and tired. p.s. After the dishes were mostly done and a little bourbon had been poured, there was a carefree razor scooter ride around the space to Mariah Carey's 'Fantasy.'..."

"BRITISH MEAT INGREDIENTS LIST...rat feces; cow urine; cow pus; tranquilizers; ground up cow heads ('puke heads' contaminated with hair, dirt, and ingest); chicken and cow manure (a 'beef fattener' with e-coli contamination) ; 'rendered' cows and sheep (recycled animal parts, diseased 'downers' and road kill added to animal feed)..."

Brockway Hall: Thoughts on Abolitionist Veganism and Related Social Issues
"Abolitionist veganism is an animal rights approach based on the principle that all sentient beings deserve to be granted the right not to be classified as property....animal rights cannot be separated from other issues of social justice and oppression. These issues are interrelated and connected."

Bryanna's Vegan Feast
"As a cookbook author and cooking teacher (bio), I'm privileged to embrace my vegan lifestyle on a professional basis. Unfortunately, many of my vegan friends face challenges when it comes to putting our important dietary and ethical choices into action. What most people want is access to a wide and exciting range of delicious food."

Building Muscles The Vegan Way
"Bodyweight Fitness, Vegan, healthy life style, print modeling, fitness modeling, love, live, life, poetry..."

Busy Veggie Mama
"Hi, I'm Sara. I live in Austin, TX with my husband Tony, our kids Jackson and Olivia, and our dog, Monster. I chop vegetables to relax...."

C'est La Vegan
"I've always loved to bake, but when I began to learn about the benefits of a vegan diet (for my health, for the animals, and for the environment), I quickly adapted my baking style and started making all of my treats without any animal products."

Cahiers antispécistes, Les (The Antispeciesist Notebooks) (French)
"- Des articles de philosophie morale qui rendent compte d'une multiplicité d'approches théoriques concernant la question animale. - Des réflexions sur les liens entre spécisme et discriminations intra-humaines. - Des analyses de la question animale s'appuyant sur différentes disciplines (psychologie, sociologie, philosophie..."

California Vegan
"I have been married for almost 14 years and have a four-year-old. I have a master's in counseling and am working on a PhD in clinical psychology. I am a vegan and am interested in promoting a sustainable way of living."

Candid Hominid, A: Veganism Abolition
"This year billions of unique individuals have needlessly suffered and died (sadly, millions will be killed in the few remaining days). Next year won't be much different, but it won't always be this way. We are going to change the world."

Captious Vegetarian, The
"I am a lifelong vegetarian, raised in Texas, with a fondness for southern comfort food, Tex-Mex, and international foods from around the world. My parents are both vegetarian, and my mother is vegan, and an excellent cook (look for her comments on this blog)...."

Captive Bolt
"Being vegan means more than what you don't eat . It goes beyond the cook books you purchase, actions speak loud and the truth is shocking. Help pull back the blinders on the person next to you. Create change or force it by any means. Go vegan."

Carmen 4 the Pets
"Until Every Cage is Empty,Until All Animals are Free , Until the Exploitation of Animals are Nowhere to be Seen..."

Carnival Against Vivisection
"Unite and fight for the animals - 6th Sept - Sequani Labs - Ledbury, Herefordshire UK..."

Carpe Vegan: The Vegan Culture Club
"Let's focus on making this a more vegan world, understanding that we need a very diverse crowd of advocates, mavens and connectors to make this happen."

Carrie On Vegan
"I'm Carrie and this is my blog about whole food, plant-based living. I started blogging in 2009 at Love Healthy Living and re-launched this site in early 2011 to reflect my change to a healthy, vegan lifestyle. While there are many other excellent vegan food blogs being published, Carrie on Vegan is different..."

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