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Chef Chloe
"A lifelong vegetarian and vegan for more than six years, Chloe aims to bring delicious, meat-free dishes to the mainstream. Her decadent desserts and savory entrees prove that vegan cooking offers healthy choices without sacrificing flavor."

Chef In You: Making Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes Easy!
"...a team of 2. The Wife (D) and the Husband (K). The complete process behind the scenes (and in front) starts right from scratch - researching ingredients, buying organic foods, cooking a palatable meal, taste testing, presenting, making it come alive (photography), writing about the experience..."

Chew the Cud
"Pure Vegetarian and Vegan food..."

"...7. Religion/ spiritual reasons 'Thou shall not kill', 8. Saves money, 9. Reduces national debt, 10. Vegan food tastes great."

Chic Vegan
"Vegans and the vegan lifestyle have long been the bastard stepchild of dietary and lifestyle choices. Thankfully, that time is slowly coming to an end as more and more people have noticed the profound need for environmental and dietary change."

Chocolate-Covered Katie: The Healthy Dessert Blog
"This isn't just any dessert blog: it's the healthy-dessert blog! The recipes featured here are healthier versions of your favorite naughty treats: Cookie Dough Milkshakes, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Brownie Batter Pancakes..."

"...a guide to Vegetarian and Vegan living..."

Choosing Raw: The Simple Approach to a Vegan and Raw Lifestyle
"I'm a certified clinical nutritionist (C.C.N.), a former book editor, and a pre-medical, post-baccalaureate student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.. I'm passionate about vegan and raw food..."

Chow Vegan
"Howdy, I started Chow Vegan to show how vegan food can be delicious and satisfying. I've been a vegan for over ten years and I still get the same old 'what do you eat' question. So here's the answer...enjoy!"

Chubby Vegan, The
"A chubby vegan just looking for his place in a skinny vegan world..."

Chubby Vegetarian, The
"As seen on The Food Network..."

Chucky - The Fat Vegetarian
"The trial and tribulations of a middle-aged couple converting to lacto-ovo vegetarianism. Let's call them 'Chucky' and 'Tiffany'. No, sorry folks...The family dog (let's call her 'The Seed') has elected to forgo the conversion."

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: The Compassionate Cook
"...an exhilarating speaker, a powerful writer, a talented chef, and a persuasive advocate whose success can be measured by the thousands of people whose lives have been changed by her compassionate message."

College Students for Animal Rights: Animals deserve to live!
"...Ask Animal Rights Expert, Bible Verse, Vegetarian Issues, Online Writers Needed!!, Stories, Photos, Videos, Members..."

Compassionate Cooks
"...empowering people to make informed food choices..."

Compassionate Kids
"If a child learns compassion, all other scholarly pursuits are merely details in the scheme of life..."

Compassionate Living Project, The
"Expanding an ethic of care for animals, the environment, and people..."

Compassionate Spirit
"Simple living, nonviolence, vegetarianism, and spiritual concerns..."

Conflict Gypsy
"'Conflict gypsy' was a derogatory term coined by Fur Commission USA spokesperson Teresa Platt to slam the supposedly rootless activists who wandered around the country causing trouble. We've always found it charming."

Cooking Vegetarian and Vegan
"Find some great recipes on how to cook vegan and vegetarian food."

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