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Discerning Brute, The
"...self-declared hotshot and jack-of-all-trades. He's an artist, writer, self-taught vegan chef, businessman, activist and television producer living in Brooklyn. He founded 'The Discerning Brute' in 2008 as a resource for intelligent men who want to make ethical, informed decisions concerning their lifestyles."
http://www.thediscerningbrute.com/ ~ http://thediscerningbrute.wordpress.com/

Dog Hill Kitchen
"Cooking and baking from scratch and dairy-free with as much home grown, local and/or organic food as possible and some daily life, kids, pets, gardening and foraging too."

Dogs Deserve Better
"...dedicated to freeing the chained dog..."

Dogs Deserve Better
"Want to read all the good news for chained dogs?"

DoNotEatUs.org: Help Us Help The Animals
"The Earth is mother for human beings, animals and nature. It bears countless fruits, which are offered not only to people, but also to the animal world. The animals are a part of mother Earth. They bear in themselves the awareness of their Creator, which is unity, and they want to be our friends."

Dr. McDougall's Health and Medical Center
"...teaches better health through vegetarian cuisine."

Dr. Steve Best
"...I have begun to address urgent issues raised by environmentalism and animal rights from the standpoints of critical theory, feminism, cultural studies, postmodern theory, deep ecology, and normative ethics. I have engaged issues such as the commonalities of oppression involved in racism, sexism, and speciesism..."

Dr. Steven Best
"...engages the issues of the day such as animal rights, ecological crisis, biotechnology, liberation politics, terrorism, mass media, globalization, and capitalist domination."

Dumb Vegan Traveling Food Blog
"Who does a guy have to bang for some Tofu in this town?"

Dumpster Grrl (Swedish)
"En blogg om livet som containerdykare..."

Dying to Learn: Exposing the Supply and Use of Dogs and Cats in Higher Education
"...documents the hidden practices of colleges and universities in which unscrupulous Class B dealers, who obtain animals from shelters, sell former pets to education facilities, where these animals are used, and often killed, for dissection and live surgeries in teaching laboratories."

Easy As (Vegan) Pie: Australian Vegan Recipes and Places to Eat!
"My vision for easy as (vegan) pie is to show the world that vegan food can be quick, delicious and easily accessible with ingredients you can get at your local supermarket. I don't believe in processed foods or fake meats, use soy products sparingly and try to cook gluten free as much as possible..."

Easy Vegan Eating: Experience the Vegan Lifestyle with a Lifelong Vegan
"Over a lifetime of being vegan, I've learned countless ways to make the vegan lifestyle fun and easy. Being vegan has enriched my life so much that I want to share my experience with people who are just learning how to become vegan."

Easy Vegetarian
"Laura is a junior at Hastings College majoring in journalism and English. Originally from Colorado, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, reading in coffee shops...Inspired by her grandmother and father, Chloe Ekberg is a cook that adventures in to the depths of the cooking black hole..."

Eat Veg
"Vegetarian Recipes and Vegan Resources"
http://www.eatveg.com/ ~ http://www.newveg.av.org/

Eco-Vegan Gal
"...to help and inspire people take better care of themselves and the planet so we could all have healthier, happier lives. She believes that eating an organic, whole foods plant-based diet can result in vitality, longevity, internal peace and overall wellbeing."

Eco Roommates
"Find a Roommate who shares your environmentally oriented, healthy lifestyle, vegetarian diet..."

Eileen in Korea
"...amber, animal equality, animal health, animal rights, animal rights vs. animal welfare, animal shelters..."

Eileen Valazza's Love and Greens: An Everday Vegan Adventure
"I'm Eileen-a Seattle mama obsessed with making my family as healthy as possible, starting with the food we eat. But I'm not into deprivation, detoxing or hating-on-myself in any way. So it's been (and still is!) a slow and gentle process. We became (mostly) vegan in the spring of 2011."

Empathic Vegan: Human Freedom Animal Rights One Struggle One Fight
"The cruelties our fellow earthlings endure at the hands of human kind. The beauty of animals and nature. Benefits of veganism."

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