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The current Featured Link for the Link Directories of Inactive, Organization Links is Deep Green Resistance Austin: Building A Culture Of Resistance To Defend The Natural World : "The individuals who have been working together as Deep Green Resistance Austin have left Deep Green Resistance, due to differences with the national organization. We will continue working under the ideals that brought us together." -- Find similar and related links in the Environmentalism, Green, and Eco-Friendly Directory.
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Northwest Animal Rights Network (NARN)
"...dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals by raising awareness of animal suffering..."

Northwest Vegetarian Education & Empowerment Group
"We educate and empower people to make vegetarian choices..."

NYC Animal Rights
"We hold peaceful demonstration in New york City, usually around events that promote animal cruelty, such as fashion shows that use fur and animal circuses."

NYC Vegan Drinks (New York, USA)
"...a monthly social networking* event for people interested in promoting veganism and advocating for animal rights. Vegan Drinks' mission is to bring together a diverse group of people-from cupcake aficionados to animal lawyers to veg*ns of all stripes in between..."

NY Vegetarian Expo (New York, USA)
"The Albany Vegetarian Network, Inc. was formed with the sole purpose of hosting this event. Sustained entirely from the dedication of volunteers and donations from incredible supporters, NY's Capital Region Vegetarian Expo is the premiere vegetarian event in the Albany and Upstate NY area and beyond."

Occupy for Animals!
"Because 99% of animals live in unimaginable misery, because they are horribly abused by humans who think that animals belong to them. Because not only people, but also animals suffer from oppression, greed and corruption. Because animals are enslaved and exploited by corporations and politicians..."

Ohio House Rabbit Rescue (OHRR)
"Each year hundreds of pet rabbits around Ohio are surrendered to animal shelters, which have no space for them - or they are just released into the wild. OHRR seeks a better alternative...."

Orange County People for Animals (OCPA) (Southern California, USA)
"...a Southern California-based, non-profit 503(c) animal advocacy organization founded in 1988 to create a compassionate, healthy and peaceful planet for all living beings."

PAC911 (Phoenix Animal Care Coalition)
"...brings together the many animal welfare organizations from throughout Maricopa County in an interactive manner, providing opportunities for all to work together for the greater benefit of the animals."

Pangea Vegan Store
"...offering cruelty-free essentials and hard-to-find alternatives..."

Pasado's Safe Haven
"...we want to insure that those who hurt animal will never do it again."

Paws (People Helping Animals)
"...advocates for animals through education, legislation, and direct care..."

Paws (Performing Animals Welfare Society)
"...dedicated to the protection of performing animals..."

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary
"...to provide a safe, loving and permanent home for rescued farmed animals..."

Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Pennsylvania SPCA)
"...the second humane organization to be founded in the United States. While you might think that all 'SPCA's' are related, actually they are not! What makes the Pennsylvania SPCA so special? We are so much more than a shelter."

People's Forum Panel on New Mexico Public Lands Trapping (New Mexico, USA)
"...an opportunity for the entire New Mexican public to add their voice to the debate over public lands trapping in New Mexico. This event featured a citizen panel, presided over by the Honorable Judge Peggy Nelson, that listened to public commentary and presentations from WildEarth Guardians, the New Mexico chapter of the Sierra Club..."

People for Animal Rights (PAR)
"...an all volunteer, non-violent activist and educational group dedicated to promoting the guiding principle that all life on this planet is sacred and interconnected."

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
"...the largest animal rights organization in the world."
http://www.peta.org/ ~ http://www.peta.com/ ~ http://www.peta.net/ ~ http://www.peta2.com/ ~ http://www.peta2.org/ ~ http://www.peta2.net/ ~ http://www.helpinganimals.com/ ~ http://www.petacatalog.com/

"...takes on anyone who abuses animals."

Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary
"...a no-kill animal shelter, located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains..."

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