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Trap Free New Mexico
"...a coalition of conservation and animal welfare groups who oppose the cruel, damaging, and dangerous practice of trapping in New Mexico. Under-regulated and outdated, traps put citizens, pets, and non-target species at risk, including the endangered Mexican gray wolf."

Triangle Vegetarian Society
"...to promote the nutritional, ethical, environmental, and other aspects of vegetarianism."

Try Vegan PDX (Portland, Oregon, USA)
"...a vegan outreach group in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to help people who have made the decision to go vegan by offering resources, support and community-building activities."

Uncaged: Protecting Animals
"In the decade since it was founded, Uncaged has developed a unique campaigning approach which has placed it at the forefront of the anti-vivisection movement. A highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of staff brings in-depth knowledge of the political, legal, ethical and scientific issues relevant to animal experimentation."

Uncaged Films
"...dedicated to bringing animal liberation issues to mainstream media. Behind The Mask: A unique documentary focusing on those individuals who take direct action to save animals."

United Poultry Concerns
"...dedicated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl..."

Vancouver Animal Rights Campaigns (VARK)
"Activists Uniting For The Benefit of Animals..."

Vegan Action
"...dedicated to helping animals, the environment, and human health by educating the public..."

Vegan Bus, The
"...a group of activists, artists and speakers traveling on a full sized school bus running on waste vegetable oil. We use art, performance, and media to increase public awareness about the connections between dietary choice, personal health, cultural ethics, and globally sustainable ecology."

Vegan Campaigns (London, England, UK)
"...promotes veganism, mainly in the London area. Among the activities that have already taken place are vegan food fairs, information evenings, veggie burger giveaways and street stalls."

Vegan Chicago (Illinois, USA)
"We are the oldest and largest vegan-focused meetup group! Founded in 2002 and run by long-time vegan and animal rights activists we have extensive vegan experience and vegan knowledge with a passion to share. We are a vegan support group that provides vegan connections and resources for being vegan in Chicago! Thusly we are named Vegan Chicago!"

Vegan Fusion
"...promotes the benefits of vegan cuisine for our health and for the preservation of our planet. We offer workshops, chef trainings, retreats internationally. We also offer consulting services and can assist in menu and recipe development for our Innovative Global Cuisine."

Vegan Ireland: The Vegan Society of Ireland
"...formed in 2009 by a group of vegans concerned with the promotion of the vegan philosophy and ethics in Ireland. Vegan Ireland is a nonprofit and voluntary organisation."
http://www.veganireland.org/ ~ http://veganireland.vegaplanet.org/

Vegan Iron Chef (Portland, Oregon)
"...to celebrate creative culinary achievements, unite the ever-expanding vegan community, and encourage and support regional Vegan Iron Chef competitions in cities across the globe. We are a Portland-based nonprofit network utilizing an arts-entertainment platform..."

Vegan Los Angeles (California, USA)
"...a group aiming to promote the healthy vegan or plant-based diet by giving free-of-charge cooking demonstrations around the Los Angeles area."

Vegan Prisoners Support Group (VPSG)
"...provides help, support, and information for vegans detained either in police custody or within the prison system."

Vegans Take London
"Who are we? We're just your everyday, ordinary vegans living in and around London (London, UK, the proper one). We're all friends and came to veganism independently and in our own time. At one point the word 'blog' was mentioned, ideas were formulated, meetings occurred..."

Vegan World Network
"While the Network's objective is to promote Vegan, we may publish vegetarian links, surveys or publications, where they are part of a vegan article or a necessary description of a vegan business or considered an essential part of the promotion of a vegan event, such as an International Vegan Festival."

Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland, The (Australia)
"We actively promote a compassionate and sustainable way of life by giving away thousands of free information packs and brochures every year and participating in numerous events. You can support us by joining the society or making a donation."

Vegetarian Education Network (Dallas-Fort Worth-North Texas, USA)
"Dallas-Fort Worth vegetarian, vegan, vegetarianism, veganism, proponents of a plant-based diet: A healthier, more humane way to eat in DFW and north Texas...."
http://www.dfwnetmall.com/veg/ ~ http://dfwnetmall.com/veg/vsod.htm

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