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Animal Liberation Queensland (Australia)
"...aims to contribute to the animal rights movement and to work towards a more practical and compassionate human worldwide, by: Lobbying for legislative change at local, state and federal government levels; including collaboration with other state and national animal rights groups..."

Animal Liberation Racing
"We are endurance athletes who live and promote a compassionate way of life. We are cyclists, runners, triathletes, mountain climbers, etc. who live with the understanding that animals are sentient beings who feel pain and are not ours to abuse or consume. Our overall goal is to create awareness of animal abuse and exploitation...."

Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV) (Melbourne, Australia)
"...an abolitionist organisation dedicated to helping all animals, with a strong focus on those factory farmed. The underlying goal of ALV is to abolish the property status of animals. Animal Liberation Victoria is located in Melbourne and is acknowledged and respected as Victoria's..."

Animal Liberation Workshop for Beginners (English/Deutsch)
"Do you think that the Animal Rights movement is an important part of resistance against financial or governmental powers, and is that why you want to know more about it (or maybe want to participate)?"

Animal Liberation Youth (Australia)
"Are you a young person passionate about ending cruelty and suffering to animals NOW? Then Animal Liberation Youth is for you. We are run by youth from around Australia and campaign hard to spread the word about animal rights. You will see us stalling at protests, gigs, and festivals, organizing campaigns..."

Animal Place
"...a nonprofit sanctuary for abused and discarded farmed animals."

Animal Protection Institute
"Our mission is to advocate for the protection of animals from cruelty and exploitation."
http://www.bornfreeusa.org/ ~ http://www.api4animals.org/

Animal Protection League
"...a no-nonsense group strictly focused on our bottom line--the animals."

Animal Protection of New Mexico (APNM)
"...working to promote the humane treatment of animals since 1979. APNM is a non profit, 501 (c)(3) organization supported by donations, volunteers and grants. APNM accomplishes its work through education and outreach, and campaigns for change."

Animal Protection Party, the
"We are a new political party which aims to simultaneously represent the interests of people and non-human animals, a party that isn't frightened to speak the truth and a party that wants to see real change rather than just be seen to want it."

Animal Replacements Innovate Scientific Experimentation (ARISE)
"The ARISE program, created by the Animal Protection League of New Jersey, promotes ground breaking and powerful non-animal research that creates better science, is more effective and saves lives."

Animal Rescue Inc.
"...an animal is a companion pet that is a member of the family, and deserves the same respect and considerations."

Animal Rescue Site, The
"...providing food for some of the 27 million unwanted animals given to shelters in the U.S. every year."

Animal Rescue Team (ART) (California, USA)
"...licensed and permitted by the California Department of Fish and Game to rescue and rehabilitate injured, orphaned and displaced native wildlife. We are located in the Santa Ynez Valley, serving Santa Barbara County, to San Luis Obispo County, 24/7. Animal Rescue Team was incorporated in June of 2007..."

Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate New York (ARAUNY)
"The principle objective of ARAUNY is the prevention and abolition of all forms of animal abuse and exploitation. Begun in Rochester NY in 1989, our all-volunteer grassroots nonprofit organization strives to promote a better understanding of the effects of human actions and attitudes toward nonhuman animals."

Animal Rights Coalition
"...dedicated to ending the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of non-human animals..."

Animal Rights Collective, The (ARC)
"...a group dedicated to raising awareness about animal rights on our campus and within the surrounding community. We seek to educate and stir people to action with the truth about the atrocities committed against animal as we force them to suffer for our unnecessary consumption and grotesque forms of entertainment."

Animal Rights Conference
"Exposing and challenging the daily terror against animals..."

Animal Rights Counterculture
"This non-profit Animal Rights organization has just two simple, yet powerful goals: * Create and allow access to a repository of freely-distributable, original artistic works which promote the abolition of animal exploitation. * Encourage the exchange of information among those seeking to actively use such works to end animal exploitation."

Animal Rights Foundation (ARF)
"...helps in the rescue and finding forever, loving homes for abused, abandoned and unwanted dogs, cats and horses. ARF also is working toward creating legislation to protect the rights of all creatures-Big and Small."

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