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Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF)
"ARFF reaches out to the public through demonstrations and outreach events, letters to the editor, and personal appearances by our spokespersons on radio, television, before civic groups and in school classrooms."
http://www.animalrightsflorida.org/ ~ http://www.arff.org/

Animal Rights Hawai'i (ARH)
"...composed of a dedicated group of community service volunteers that strives to eliminate animal suffering wherever it's found, especially here in Hawai'i. We are opposed to the use of animals for food, clothing, experimentation, and entertainment."

Animal Rights International (ARI)
"ARI was the first organization in the modern era to achieve an animal rights victory; it became one of the most successful in bringing about genuine structural change..."

Animal Rights Mobilization (ARM)
"We want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with ARM! and our programs...."

Animal Rights Party USA
"After two centuries of animal protection it is high time that far-reaching restrictions are imposed on the use of animals. All too frequently animals are still regarded as objects, which are always subordinate to human interests and may also be used for all those interests."

Animal Rights Prisoner Support (ARPS)
"...a voluntary group which supports those campaigners who, as a result of their efforts to prevent innocent animals being caged, abused and killed, are themselves jailed because of their selfless acts on behalf of those who cannot speak up for themselves."

Animals & Society Institute
"...where knowledge and science meet ethics and compassion..."

Animals' Voice
"...to effect the liberation of animals..."

Animals Australia
"...Australia's second largest and the most dynamic national animal protection organisation, representing some 40 member societies and thousands of individual supporters."

Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow (ADAPTT)
"...believes that all animals have an inherent right to be free and live completely unfettered by human dominance. Sadly, most humans continue to embrace animal slavery, animal torture, and animal murder. Billions of animals are killed every year in a premeditated, systematic massacre."

Animal Welfare Advocacy
"...sponsors and supports the enactment of new laws, as well as the reform of existing laws..."

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)
"...to reduce the sum total of pain and fear inflicted on animals by people..."
http://www.awionline.org/ ~ http://www.animalwelfare.com/ ~ http://www.saplonline.org/

Anonymous for Animal Rights (Israel) (Hebrew / English)
"כל היצורים שניחנו ביכולת להרגיש, לסבול, ליהנות ולשאוף לממש את נטיותיהם הטבעיות, זכאים לחיות את חייהם ברווחה, בהתאם לתחושות ולצרכים שלהם."

Antidote Europe: Promoting Sound Science
"Since its formal introduction at the end of the nineteenth century, animal experimentation has been shadowed by debate and controversy. Yet despite the ethical and scientific objections to this practice even within the scientific establishment, animal research became accepted dogma in teaching and research institutions..."

Arissa Media Group
"...an independent publisher in the United States focused on producing literary works that promote political and social justice, human rights, environmental and animal protection. Our catalog consists of peer-reviewed book series edited by prominent international scholars, academics and activists."

Asian Animal Protection Network (AAPN)
"...a loose, cost-effective network for exchanging information and ideas and general mutual support. Issues include but are not limited to: animal welfare, animal rights, vegetarian and vegan concerns, humane education, wildlife habitat conservation, traditional medicine, zoos, safari parks, circuses, the fur trade..."

Association Against Animal Factories / Verein Gegen Tierfabriken (VGT) (English/Deutsch)
"...an organization dedicated to reduce exploitation or abuse of animals and stop them in the long run. VGT is an independent association and belongs to no political party."

Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, The (Fur-Bearer Defenders)
"...working to end the commercial fur trade by exposing trapping cruelty and through protecting fur-bearing animals in the wild or in confinement."

Aussies Against Vivisection
"Dr Kate Denton is responsible for the mutilation of live rabbits, in a class that the University has said is not necessary nor is needed..."

Australian Vegetarian Society
"...to stop cruelty to animals, benefit human health, protect the environment and preserve world food resources."

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