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Chicago Vegan Mania (CVM)
"...celebration of Chicago's vegan community, culture, commerce, cuisine, and couture. Our first big event took place in October 2009 and drew over 1,500 enthusiastic guests to sample food from Chicago's best vegan restaurants, hear leading vegan speakers and watch exciting live music and dance..."

Christian Vegetarian Association of the U.K. (CVAUK)
"...will seek, throughout the Christian Calendar, to encourage, support and equip all Christians, irrespective of denomination, who, through compassion for all of God's creatures, see vegetarianism as a sacrificial reflection of their faith in the God of love, justice and peace."

Christian Vegetarian Association
"To support and encourage Christian vegetarians around the world..."

CIA Club, The
"...a student-oriented, animal-advocacy organization..."

Citizens United For Animals (CUFA)
"...our primary goal is to bring attention to the systematic abuse of animals, both globally and locally, and the alarming extent of the problem."

Cleveland Animal Rights Alliance (CARA) (Ohio, USA)
"...a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization promoting the principle that every animal, both human and non-human, exist free from oppression, human use and exploitation. As we align our daily choices with this principle, we create a world of peace, abundance and environmental sustainability."

Compassionate Action for Animals
"To inspire respect for animals and promote vegetarianism through outreach, education, and community building..."

Compassion for Camden
"We were pondering to chance our name, but concluded there was no need. So, and since 1992, we still are Compassion for Camden, a group dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals."

Compassion Over Killing
"...a nonprofit animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.."

Culture & Animals Foundation
"...exclusively dedicated to intellectual and artistic expression to raise awareness of animal rights..."

Daytona Beach Vegetarian Society, The
"...to raise vegetarian and vegan awareness in the local community. We wish for people to learn the benefits of vegetarianism and veganism, which include those to the animals, human health, and the planet."

DC Vegan Drinks (Washington DC, USA)
"...a monthly social networking event for people interested in sharing veganism and advocating for animal rights. Our mission is to bring together people from all walks of life (lawyers, students, small business owners, etc...) to build a stronger community and promote the sharing of resources."

Defenders of Animal Rights
"...a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating cruelty to all animals. Founded in 1975, we celebrate our 35th Anniversary this year!"

Defenders of Animals Inc.
"Our legislative campaign consisted of intensive lobbying efforts that entailed numerous conferences with selected legislators, presentation of testimony, newspaper ads, mass mailings, media contact and calls/letters from members."

Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow (DARTT)
"...a grassroots collective dedicated to dismantle ALL systems of oppression, injustice and exploitation. There is a deep rooted connection between all oppression and injustice. Oppressive power structures ruled by heartless corporate 'industries' disenfranchise and exploit vulnerable individuals for profit..."

Delaware Action for Animals (DAA)
"In November of 2004, Delaware Action for Animals celebrated the beginning of its third decade. Over the years the people working with and leading DAA have changed, but our commitment to taking action on behalf of all animals living in Delaware remains constant."

Deutscher Tierschutzverein - Treff für alle Tierliebhaber (German)
"Der Deutsche Tierschutzverein wurde 1881 gegründet. Zahlreiche Tierheime und Tierschutzvereine kamen zu dem Entschluss, dass eine Organisation benötigt wurde, die über allen kleineren Institutionen steht und für alle Menschen Deutschlands offen steht. Schließlich sollten die Tiere der verschiedenen Regionen geschützt werden."

Doris Day Animal League (DDAL)
"...working to improve the humane treatment of animals..."

Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center
"...a haven for hens, roosters and ducks who have escaped or been rescued from the meat and egg industries or other abusive circumstances..."

East Valley Bunny Rescue
"There are no unwanted animals here - Only some that haven't found their family yet!"

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