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We maintain sections of inactive links for the purpose of providing a link to an archived version of this website. Even though these old, inactive websites may not be updated regularly, some of them contain very important information to help you change our social organization.
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EndTrap (Vermont, USA)
"...a non-profit 501(c) 4 statewide volunteer organization with more than 28,000 Vermont supporters and petition signers. The group was founded in the late 1980s to protect Vermont pets, and all animals, from cruel and indiscriminate body-gripping (leghold, foothold and conibear) traps."

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments, The (ECEAE)
"...formed in 1990 by organisations across Europe to successfully campaign to ban cosmetics testing on animals. Today we lead campaigning on all animal testing issues in Europe, and are the only organisation solely dedicated to being a voice for animals in EU laboratories."

European Vegetarian and Animal News Alliance (EVANA)
"...offers international news in several languages. We hope that you find this new scheme useful and interesting. In case you want to inform visitors of your own websites also about what is going on in the world of animals and vegetarianism, just contact us..."

Evolution Revolution: The Interconnectedness of All Beings
"...a collaborative art exhibition and forum between Buddha Cat Press, nine renowned visual artists, Santa Monica Art Studios and SoCiArts Productions. The team has come together to produce a socially conscious exhibition focusing on animal welfare and the environment."

Evolve! Campaigns
"Embracing the Vision of Liberation for the Voiceless and Exploited"

Farm Animal Rights Movement
"...promoting vegan, plant-based diets to save animals, protect the environment, and improve health."

Farm Sanctuary
"...rescue, education, advocacy..."
http://www.farmsanctuary.org/ ~ http://www.factoryfarming.org/

FARM Underground
"...created to empower compassionate people like YOU to take action for Farmed Animals! You can make a difference in ending animal exploitation now."

Feminists for Animal Rights (FAR): An Ecofeminist Alliance
"...a non-profit national educational organization dedicated to ending all forms of abuse against women, animals and the earth. Welcome to our online exploration of the interconnections between the exploitation of women and animals and how you can help bring about a more caring society for all."

Food Fight! Vegan Grocery (Portland, Oregon, USA)
"Thanks for checking out the Food Fight! website and online store. We hope you like it. We are trying our best to make it work out well for all involved and to bring you Grade-A Vegan Junk Food, healthy stuffs and miscellaneous products...."

Food For Life (FFL)
"To help co-ordinate and expand the distribution of pure vegan/vegetarian meals all over the world..."

Forest Friends Ireland (FFI)
"...moving their web site to a new hosting environment."
http://www.cairdenacoille.org/ ~ http://www.forestfriends.ie/ ~ http://www.cairdenacoille.com/ ~ http://eriu.homeip.net/ffi/

Fort Worth Vegetarian Society (FWVS) (Texas, USA)
"In the years since we started, we have seen many changes in members and activities, but we remain committed to two principal goals - public education about vegetarianism and socializing with others interested in a vegetarian lifestyle. Information tables, sponsoring speakers, viewing and discussing videos..."

Fund for Animals
"...to protect endangered species, stop the abuse of circus elephants, keep national wildlife refuges safe for animals, and much more."

Fur-Free Friday
"...aims to educate people about the horrors suffered by fur-bearing animals..."

Gentle Barn Foundation, The
"Teaching people kindness and compassion to animals, each other, and our planet..."

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection (GARP)
"...a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to the abolition of animal exploitation and suffering. GARP focuses on educating the public about the abuse and cruelty that is inherent in the use of animals for food, entertainment, research and fashion."

Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
"...for the sole purpose of strengthening and supporting the work of animal sanctuaries..."

Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary (GLRS)
"... provides a safe haven to abandoned, abused, and neglected domestic rabbits with the goal of adopting them out to loving homes."

Group for the Education of Animal - Related Issues (GEARI)
"...a non-profit, educational group dedicated to assisting you in your search for animal rights related information as well as to raising awareness to the many issues affecting other-than human animals, the environment and human health."

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