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Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB)
"News, press releases and more..."

Counter-Evangelism Resource Page
"...find effective ways to counter hardcore Christian evangelism..."

Critical Mass
"...a healthy dose of skepticism..."

Cure Faith
"Unraveling the most destructive viral idea ever to evolve."

Dallas Atheist
"The truth has nothing to fear from inquiry."

Damned Heretics: Condemned By The Established, But Very Often Right
"Qualified outsiders and maverick insiders are often right about the need to replace received wisdom in science and society, as the history of the Nobel prize shows. This blog exists to back the best of them in their uphill assault on the massive, entrenched edifice of resistance to and prejudice against reviewing, let alone revising, ruling ideas."

Darwin Day
"...an international celebration of science and humanity held on or around February 12..."

Darwinian E-Books
"Free Electronic Books"

Daylight Atheism
"Nighttime is for dreaming. Daylight is for action."

Debate Unlimited with Martin Willett
"I want to change minds. One at a time. You're next."

Digital Freethought
"Fundamentalists are counting on your silence!"

Drunk With Blood
"Whatever your religious beliefs might be, you've probably heard of a few of the stories that are told in Drunk With Blood. Noah's Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, David and Goliath, maybe...."

Dwindling In Unbelief
"Everything that God made was, at least at the time and according to him, very good. But things seem to have changed since then...."

"...some articles that I have written, useful links, cutting quotes, home brew Atheist humour and some XG midi files."

Enlightened Observer, An
"Religion can infect the stupid, the intelligent, the old and the young. It works mostly through the indoctrination of children."

"...an ancient sage who left us an enduring message of optimism. His philosophy conveyed the ultimate conviction that individuals can live in serene happiness, fortified by the continual experience of modest pleasures."

Essays of an Atheist by Woolsey Teller, 1945
"Transcription to web provided by Sharon Mooney. Original publication, courtesy of the library owned by David Mooney...."

Event Horizon Rider, The
"Readings for those who want to stand on the edge of mystical knowledge and ponder its implications..."

Events and Issues
"...Freethought History Research Group, Secular Civil Rights Network..."

Evil Atheist Conspiracy, The (EAC)
"...started as a joke on the *.atheism Usenet newsgroups when fundies accused us of conspiring to take over the world."
http://www.cyberdespot.com/eac.html ~ http://www.cyberdespot.com/home.html?eac.html&frames/left.html&frames/top.html ~ http://www.cyberdespot.com/

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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