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Joy of Disillusionment, The
"A resource for those leaving Christianity..."

Keep the Reason
"...critical of all theistic beliefs..."

Landover Baptist Church, The
"Jesus is the reason for the reason! And He's also the reason you are going straight to HELL!"

Lay Theism
"...Born Again...Secular..."

Leaving Christianity
"Why I left Christianity"
http://sites.google.com/site/leavingxtianity/home ~ http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~slocks/decon.html

Life and Philosophy of Steve Cooper, The
"...my release from the early years of religious brain washing."

Living Without Religion
"...to denounce the vacuity of religious beliefs."

Logic of Fundamentalism
"Nobody helped me to see my way out of fundamentalism, it's something I did for myself and it wasn't pleasant..."

Losing My Religion
"Helping good folks just like you break free of religion since 1999."

Mark's Home Page
"...Some stuff I have written and collected about my own philosophical outlook, A list of famous dead atheists, The theist hall of shame, Collected quotations...."

Mere Atheism
"...test the Christian claim that God is love..."

My Colleagues Are Idiots
"A gin-soaked skeptical atheist malcontent pontificates on subjects diverse..."

Net Atheists, The
"...an entirely free organization created by and for atheists!"

New Atheism, A
"An investigative journey into the New Atheism..."

New Atheists, The
"Religious fundamentalism has gone main stream and its toll on education, science, and social progress is disheartening."

New Humanist, The
"The Magazine for Free Thinkers"

Nexus Zine, The
"The thought of a positive, multiboard project was appealing, and the zine began to take shape. It quickly allied with the Nontheist Nexus, which was setting itself up as a neutral resource for the online secular community...."

"...religion is the highest vanity..."

No Beliefs
"For Freethinkers"

"I am an ethical atheist, egoist, relativist, and subjectivist."
http://nonspiritual.com/index_david.htm ~ http://nonspiritual.com/ ~ http://nonspiritual.com/index.htm

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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