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Child Abuse,
and Child Neglect

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Resource and Information Directory on Child Abuse in the State of Alaska (RID of Alaska)
"Thank you to all the people who have sent updates for the Local Services page and for other helpful information that has been added to our website...."

"Please use caution while reading all of these papers. Some of the information may be very heavy for survivors. If in doubt, download the page and wait to read it until you are with your therapist or a trusted support person."

SafeKids.com: Internet Safety & Civility
"...one of the oldest and most enduring sites for Internet safety. It's creator, Larry Magid, is the author of the original 1994 brochure, 'Child Safety on the Information Highway' and is also a technology journalist...."

Save Our Children - Stop Child Abuse
"The health and safety of our children is everyone's responsibility..."
http://www.efn.org/~scan/home.html ~ http://www.efn.org/~scan/

Still Rising
"A Resource for Survivors of Childhood Abuse..."

"...blog archive..."
http://childabusedata.blogspot.com/ ~ http://eassurvey.wordpress.com/

Stop Child Abuse Crimes
"The Extreme Abuse Surveys (EAS) were created to develop a qualitative and quantitative base of data regarding the accounts of survivors of extreme abuse..."

Survivors Can Thrive!
"Sexual assault & abuse survivor support, resources, self-care and comfort tips. I tell my personal story--the journey I'm on--of trying to recover from childhood sexual abuse and sadistic torture, and rape, PTSD and dissociation. Includes meditations, poetry, helpful links, and information on trauma processing and child abuse prevention."

Terrible Truth About Abuse, The
"Despite the efforts of our society, the numbers of abused children continues to grow. I have gathered statistics, over the years, that proves this...."

Texas Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Reporting System
"We've made many improvements to the system to make it a more convenient, secure, reliable, and accessible way to report non-emergency allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation."

This Child's Journey
"I am my present, past and future..."

Thunder Bird House
"Victims of Crime Advocacy..."

TWHJ Forums
"...the oldest site on the web supporting adult survivors of abuse and trauma."

UK Self Help Groups
"To search this page press the Control and F keys at the same time...."

Working Together to Safeguard Children
"...contains detailed procedural guidance on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and families. The parts of the document that are statutory guidance for particular organisations are set out below."

WWASP Diaries: Youth Rights Reporting and Advocacy
"...I wrote the WWASP Diaries while being held against my will at a behavior modification program called Tranquility Bay. WWASP and Tranquility Bay explained."

Yello Dyno
"Protect your children (ages 4-12) from people who mean them harm: Bullies. Abductors, Violent Kids, Drug Pushers, Child Abusers, Sexual Predators and Internet Predators."

Zen Tactics: Child Abuse Recovery
"The child abuse recovery process is challenging. If you don't understand the psychological issues behind child abuse, you may be missing opportunities to further your recovery...."

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