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Death Penalty,
and Capital Punishment

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Michael Flinner on Death Row in the United States
"Welcome to the website of Michael Flinner, currently residing on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison in California...."

Milo Rose - An Innocent Man on Florida's Death Row
"As an innocent man falsely arrested for murder in 1982, and after experiencing the nightmare of being railroaded through a farce and mockery of a trial...."

Moratorium Campaign
"...working to see every state declare a moratorium on executions..."

NJ Moratorium Directory
"... to win public and political support for an immediate suspension of all executions in the state of New Jersey for a minimum of two years."

No Death Penalty for Zolo Committee
"Zolo Agona Azania is one of the many persons of African descent who have fought the imposition of the death penalty by a racially biased criminal justice system. Politically active at the time of his arrest, Zolo has been committed to the struggle for social justice for all peoples since before his imprisonment...."

Paul William Scott
"...sentenced to death in Florida's electric chair 19 years ago."

Prisoner Life
"Providing a Bridge Between Leading Into -- And Out Of -- America's Prison System..."

Prison Place
"... designed to create a community where friends and family of current or former inmates can share their experiences and insight."

Prison Talk
"... conceived in a prison cell, designed in a halfway house, and funded by donations from families of ex-offenders, to bring those with an interest in the prisoner support community a forum in which their issues and concerns may be addressed by others in similar circumstances and beliefs."

Resources for keeping the death penalty out of Massachusetts
"There currently is no state death penalty in Massachusetts, life without the possibilty of parole being the only punishment for first-degree murder...."

Resources for keeping the death penalty out of Massachusetts
"There currently is no state death penalty in Massachusetts, life without the possibilty of parole being the only punishment for first-degree murder. The federal government prosecutes capital cases within Massachusetts, however...."
http://www.nodp.org/ ~ http://www.nodp.org/ma/

Rocky Dodd's Page
"Rocky is a death row inmate convicted of a double murder in Oklahoma. He has always maintained that he is innocent of this crime...."

Ronald Ray Howard, Sr.
"After having resided in a small cage on Texas' death row for more than 13 years, Ron was murdered by the State of Texas on the 6th of October, 2005...."

Save Kevin Cooper
"The fight continues. There is a possibility for winning real justice for Kevin, but we have to keep up the fight...."

Save Michael Perry
"I'm Michael Perry and I'm currently on death row in Texas, awaiting execution. I'm 27 years old. Not long ago, I began exchanging letters with a total stranger...."

"Social and political issues related to Singapore and the South East Asia region. A blog which attempts to do so in a non-trivial manner treating opposing views with the respect they deserve. Contributions are welcomed from all regardless of your political persuasion...."

Sister Helen Prejean
"Fifteen years after beginning her crusade, the Roman Catholic sister has witnessed five executions in Louisiana and today educates the public about the death penalty by lecturing, organizing and writing...."
http://www.prejean.org/ ~ http://www.prejean.net/

Stafford Prison Experiment
"What happens when you put good people in an evil place? Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph? These are some of the questions we posed in this dramatic simulation of prison life conducted in the summer of 1971 at Stanford University."

Stop Capital Punishment Now!
"... an Internet based initiative attempting to achieve total abolition of the death penalty in all countries of the world and particularly in the United States of America."

Texas Death Penalty Blog
"Follow US on Twitter..."

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