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Domestic Abuse,
and Domestic Violence

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"Domestic Violence should not happen to anybody..."

Domestic Violence Action Center (Hawaii, USA)
"...get answers to questions about domestic violence..."

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse
"Speak up right now and let's stop the abuse....Don't take the stand of 'oh what's the use'...Together we can make a difference..."

Domestic Violence and the Workplace
"This blog is about domestic violence & its impact on the workplace as well as related topics...."

Domestic Violence Help, Hope, and Healing for Abused Women
"Domestic abuse and domestic violence are not okay. It shouldn't happen to anyone. Ever! Unfortunately, it happens far too often."

Domestic Violence Information Depot
"Domestic violence, a.k.a. abuse! This is a national epidemic. Children are being abused or watching their parent be abused. This is a violent crime that multiplies itself with each generation...."

Domestic Violence Project of Silicon Valley California, The
"... a popular resource worldwide for research on the roots of violence in society. Originally funded by the County of Santa Clara CA it is now funded privately by its creator and is kept available for historic and research purposes."
http://www.growing.com/nonviolent/index.htm ~ http://www.growing.com/

"Domestic violence may seem unpredictable, simply an outburst related just to the moment and to the circumstances in the lives of the people involved...."

Domestic Violence Shelter, Inc., The
"To provide an alternative to living in a violent situation and to offer education and resources necessary for intervention and prevention of violence and to help victims make healthier choices for themselves and their families...."

Domestic Violence Training
"We truly believe in providing quality domestic violence training to build a safer community for all...."

Domest Violence No More!
"To show or not to show? To share or not to share?"

Dr. Jeanne King
"...helps people stop domestic violence before it spirals out of control."

Dyn Project, The (Wales, United Kingdom)
"...provides accessible support to all men who experience domestic abuse in Wales regardless of age; gender; race; religion or sexual orientation."

Emotional Abuse and Your Faith
"Domestic Violence Issues are not gender based, and its my hope that this resource will help -- and not render -- your walk in Faith."

End the Fear (United Kingdom)
"Anybody who is experiencing domestic or sexual violence can find help, support and advice here...."

Escaping The "Trap" of Domestic Violence
"I spent almost 25 years in a marriage filled with domestic violence...both emotional and physical. However, always desiring to do the 'right' thing, I stayed within this environment until 'one particular day'...."

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Domestic Violence
"...dedicated to providing information, resources and support to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered men and women who are victims of domestic violence."

Healing Club, The (HC)
"...an online support community for domestic violence victims, survivors, and others who want to take part in the 'healing' process or know someone who has been touched by domestic violence."

Hidden Hurt
"...to help understand the dynamics of an abusive relationships, the different forms (or faces) abuse can take, it's effect on both direct victims..."

Hot Peach Pages
"Global list of abuse hotlines, shelters, refuges, crisis centres and women's organizations, plus domestic violence information in over 80 languages."

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