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The current Featured Link for Surviving Oppression is Support Vegans in the Prison System (Support VIPS) : "...a volunteer based group working to help vegan individuals live a healthy vegan lifestyle, which is an expression of their deeply held ethical values. We act as a crucial link between the incarcerated community and the Bureau of Prisons, provide information about veganism to the prison population..." -- Find similar and related links in the Animal Rights, Vegetarian, and Vegan Directory.
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National Family Violence Legislative Resource Center (NFVLRC)
"Family violence, including intimate partner violence (IPV), is a significant social problem in the United States and Canada...."

National Indigenous Domestic Violence Conference, The
"Reduce incidence of Domestic and Family Violence at all levels...Provide an open and frank forum for discussion...Lend support to individuals and families working in the field of Family and Domestic Violence..."

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence (Alianza)
"...specifically addresses the needs of Latino/a families and communities, although its work helps to inform the domestic violence field in general."

National Leather Association International Domestic Violence Project, The (NLA-I DVP)
"...to provide services, information and referrals to victims of domestic violence throughout the BDSM community and other non-mainstream groups such as fetish, kink, etc. Our goal is to become a key resource..."

National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV)
"...a social change organization, is dedicated to creating a social, political and economic environment in which violence against women no longer exists."

National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan (NPEIV)
"...an overarching network of state, regional, and national multidisciplinary, multicultural organizations, agencies, and coalitions."

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV)
"...employs a multidisciplinary staff and supports a wide range of projects to address the complex challenges domestic violence poses to families, institutions, communities, and governments."

National Sexual Violence Resource Center, The (NSVRC)
"...serves as the nation's principle information and resource center regarding all aspects of sexual violence. It provides national leadership, consultation and technical assistance by generating and facilitating the development and flow of information on sexual violence intervention and prevention strategies."

National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM)
"Each year, an estimated 3.4 million adults will be victims of stalking...."

Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition (NDVSAC)
"...statewide advocacy organization committed to the prevention and elimination of sexual and domestic violence."

Network Against Domestic Abuse of North Central Connecticut, The
"...to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and to assist adult victims and their children to be free from this violence."

Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence (NNADV)
"...a statewide organization that helps Nevada's communities respond effectively to the needs of victims of domestic violence."

New Beginnings: Ending Domestic Violence (Washington State, USA)
"...provides services to those whose lives have been affected by domestic violence - physical, emotional, or sexual abuse."

New Directions
"...committed to social change that eliminates violence in all relationships and promotes safe, equal, just, respectful, healthy and loving relationships."

New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (NHCADSV)
"We have been a part of groundbreaking research around the prevalence of violence against men and women in this state, as well as our current work involving the impact of childhood trauma...."

New Mexico Coalition Agaist Domestic Violence (NMCADV) (USA)
"...to achieve a coordinated local, regional, and statewide response to domestic violence. The Coalition members, affiliates, and supporters are committed to ending domestic violence in New Mexico."

New Visions: Alliance to End Violence in Asian/Asian American Communities
"... a grassroots organization whose mission is to inspire and support sustainable community action for ending violence against women in Asian communities of southeast Michigan."

New York Asian Women's Center (NYAWC)
"... helps women and their children overcome domestic violence and other forms of abuse by empowering them to govern their own lives."

New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NYSCADV)
"Because New York State's 19 million residents live in large urban areas, suburban communities, and rural counties, the Coalition has developed an expertise in providing crucial services for a very unique and diverse population...."

Next Door: Solutions to Domestic Violence
"...promotes safety for battered women and their children through emergency shelter; multiple points of entry for victims; individuals, system and institutional advocacy; crisis intervention; education for victims and the community..."

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