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The current Featured Link for Surviving Oppression is Support Vegans in the Prison System (Support VIPS) : "...a volunteer based group working to help vegan individuals live a healthy vegan lifestyle, which is an expression of their deeply held ethical values. We act as a crucial link between the incarcerated community and the Bureau of Prisons, provide information about veganism to the prison population..." -- Find similar and related links in the Animal Rights, Vegetarian, and Vegan Directory.
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Next Step Domestic Violence Project (Maine, USA)
"...a private, nonprofit organization devoted to serving the needs of people affected by domestic violence through education and social change."

North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV)
"...to create social change through the elimination of the institutional, cultural, and individual oppressions that contribute to domestic violence."

NW Network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse, The
"... increases our communities' ability to support the self-determination and safety of bisexual, transgendered, lesbian, and gay survivors of abuse through education, organizing and advocacy."

Office on Violence Against Women (OVW)
"... a component of the U.S. Department of Justice, provides national leadership in developing the nation's capacity to reduce violence against women through the implementation of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)."

Ohio Domestic Violence Network (ODVN)
"...a statewide coalition of domestic violence programs, supportive agencies and concerned individuals organizing to ensure the elimination of domestic violence by: providing technical assistance, resources, information and training..."

Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, The (OCADVSA)
"We are committed to helping individuals acquire the information and survival skills necessary to take control of their lives and the decisions affecting their lives; and will not encourage anyone to remain in or return to a violent or dangerous situation."

Ontario Women's Justice Network, The (OWJN)
"...promotes an understanding of the law with respect to violence against women, providing accessible legal information to women and their supporters in a manner that reflects the diverse experiences and realities of women."

Open Arms Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Services
"As our community and laws regarding domestic violence have changed, so have our programs. In 1983 we added outreach programs, in 1987 a rape crisis program, in 1989 a program for offenders and in 1999 a visitation/exchange program...."

Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence, The (OCADSV)
"...a feminist organization made up of programs across the state of Oregon, who serve survivors of domestic and sexual violence."

Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW-COCVFF) (Canada)
"...a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to ending violence against women and, through leadership, education, advocacy and political action, to promoting a coordinated response to women and their children who have experienced abuse."

Outer Cape Committee Against Domestic Abuse (OCCADA)
"To establish a working and cooperative relationship among organizations who deal with Domestic Abuse...."

Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV)
"...works to end the crime of intimate partner violence and empower its survivors."

Partners in Prevention
"We are devoted to insuring that healthcare intervention and treatment for domestic violence survivors supports these patients in regaining their safety, health and well-being."

Peaceful Families Project (PFP)
"...conducts peaceful family dynamics and violence awareness programs across the United States for Muslim communities. We also provide cultural sensitivity workshops for service providers and professionals serving Muslim clientele."

Peaceful Paths
"Domestic violence can take many forms. It may involve physical aggression, verbal abuse, emotional manipulation, forced sexual activity, or financial control...."

Peace Over Violence (POV)
"...a social service agency formerly called Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women, or LACAAW."

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, The (PCADV)
"...a private nonprofit organization working at the state and national levels to eliminate domestic violence, secure justice for victims, enhance safety for families and communities, and create lasting systems and social change."

People Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse of Jefferson Country (PADA-JC) (Wisconsin, USA)
"Serving victims of domestic and sexual abuse/assault in Jefferson County, Wisconsin...."

Pretty in Purple Days
"...a nationwide movement to celebrate the collective power of salon and spa professionals and their communities to band together to Break the Silence, Break the Cycle and Save Lives."

Project DART (Disability Assault/Abuse Response Team)
"They have knowledge regarding managing care provider relationships and preventing or dealing with abuse from caregivers. They are knowledgeable in abuse/safety and crime awareness for people with disabilities...."

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