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Domestic Abuse,
and Domestic Violence

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Protection Order Advocacy Program, The (Seattle, King County, Washington State, USA)
"We assist King County residents and those who recently fled to King County (because of domestic violence) as they petition the courts for protection orders...."

Rainbow House Domestic Abuse Services, Inc.
"We are a non profit, United Way organization which provides services and shelter to victims of domestic violence in Oconto and Marinette Counties, Wisconsin as well as Menominee County, Michigan."

Raising Voices
"We are regularly sought out by a variety of international organizations and decision-makers to consult on program design and development, provide technical support and capacity building on violence against women and children, and human rights."

"... addresses social issues within our South Asian community such as family violence and divorce, as well as issues concerning children, senior citizens and new immigrants."

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, The (RAINN)
"...the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline..."

RAVEN (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
"...founded in 1978 by a group of men who were concerned about men's violence against women and determined that men needed to work with men to end this problem."

Reclaim the Night (RTN) (Australia)
"...a global women's protest against men's sexual violence held on the last Friday in October each year..."

Refuge Education Advocacy CHange (REACH)
"Our mission has extended far beyond our successful hotline service, to become much more of a catalyst in creating strong, healthy families and communities by offering safe housing, shelter and vital services to women, men, children and families who have experienced domestic violence...."

Resource Center of Somerset
"...a private, nonprofit agency which has been serving people affected by domestic abuse for over 30 years."

Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting (RADAR)
"Despite the best of intentions, our nation's effort to curb domestic violence is not working...."

Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV)
"...to eliminate domestic violence in Rhode Island. Our mission is to support and enhance the work of our member agencies, and to provide leadership on the issue of domestic violence."

Rose Brooks Center
"...the leader in innovative domestic violence programs and support. We believe the destructive cycle of abuse can only be broken by offering a full continuum of care..."

Safe Haven Domestic Abuse Center
"To encourage a safe community, free of physical violence and emotional abuse, through shelter, caring, advocacy and education...."

SafeHaven of Tarrant County (SHTC) (Texas, USA)
"In 2008, SHTC sheltered over 2,700 adult and child victims and provided non-residential services through our Resource Centers to more than 3,900 other clients seeking emotional, legal and practical support..."

Safe Horizon
"...the largest victims' services agency in the United States, with more than 60 locations serving more than 250,000 children, adults, and families affected by crime and abuse throughout New York City each year."

Safe Place, A (New Hampshire, USA)
"We are a non-profit organization that provides free shelter and support services for those who need them."

Safe Place, A: Domestic Violence Services
"...to break the cycle of domestic and family violence by providing battered women and their children with safe shelter and resources and to prevent violence through outreach and education to at-risk populations."

Safe Place, A: Lake County Crisis Center (Illinois, USA)
"...provides shelter, court advocacy, referrals and comprehensive counseling programs for victims of domestic violence - women and children who have been physically, verbally, or emotionally abused."

Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley (English/Español)
"...provides a comprehensive system of programs and services to address the needs of victims of domestic abuse..."

Safe World For Women, A
"Our work varies from advocating for prisoners who have been unjustly detained, to promoting the work of our field partners - small women's groups in underprivileged areas. Together we can do more!"

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