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Domestic Abuse,
and Domestic Violence

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Domestic Abuse Center (California, USA)
"Nevertheless, it is true that we recognize that there are some women who use violence against men and that intimate violence also occurs in same-sex relationships...."

Domestic Abuse Council, The (Florida, USA)
"...to provide emergency shelter, victim advocacy, transitional housing, support/education groups for victims, information and referral services, case management, residential and community programs for child witnesses of domestic violence..."

Domestic Abuse Counseling Center (DACC)
"...created to provide information, skills and support to men who were trying to change their abusive attitudes and behaviors."

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women, The (DAHMW) (Maine, USA)
"...at the forefront of today's new perspectives on Intimate Partner Abuse and actively assists the research community."

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS) (Dane County, Wisconsin, USA)
"If you or a loved one feels abused, threatened, scared or unsafe in an intimate partner relationship, DAIS can help you...."

Domestic Abuse is NOT Acceptable (DANA Services)
"...a dual-program agency for Alleghany County of North Carolina that serves victims of both domestic abuse & sexual assaults."

Domestic Abuse Must Stop
"Having survived Domestic Abuse in all its forms we believe that Domestic Abuse Must Stop. We are a non-profit, non-funded association of women committed to that end."

Domestic Abuse Prevention Association
"To prevent domestic abuse through awareness, education, and empowerment."

Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) (Minnesota, USA)
"...worked to promote safe and healthy family relationships by stopping domestic violence as it occurs and working to prevent it in the future."

Domestic Abuse Project (DAP)
"... has worked to promote safe and healthy family relationships by stopping domestic violence as it occurs and working to prevent it in the future."

Domestic Abuse Project, The (DAP) (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
"...envisions a community free from domestic violence. We seek to permanently break the cycle of family violence by leading societal change and by providing men, women, and children with essential tools needed to eliminate violence in their lives."

Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County, Inc., The (DAP)
"There is a way out. Abuse is never acceptable. It is never your fault."

Domestic Abuse Shelter of the Florida Keys (DAS) (Florida, USA)
"...a non-profit organization, providing comprehensive services for individuals and families experiencing domestic and sexual abuse."

Domestic Abuse Women's Network (DAWN)
"DAWN is working to create a community that has no tolerance for domestic violence."

Domestic Harmony Foundation (DHF)
"...providing services in response to the social, emotional, and psychological needs of a growing population of mainly South Asian, Middle Eastern and Muslim women and children, due to domestic violence and other violations of basic human rights."

Domestic Violence & Mental Health Policy Initiative, The (DVMHPI)
"...to enable domestic violence and mental health agencies and training programs nationwide to be able to work more effectively with individuals who are dealing with both domestic violence and mental health issues."

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Program of Murfreesboro, TN (USA)
"...a non-profit organization committed to ending violence and discrimination in the lives of victims suffering the pain, fear, and shame of domestic abuse."

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition (DVSAC)
"...to offer resources for building healthy relationships and to work with community partners to provide services for healing the effects of interpersonal violence."

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services of Whatcom County (DVSAS)
"...supports individuals affected by domestic violence and sexual assault and provides community education. Our services are free and confidential. If you or someone you know is experiencing intimate violence, we can help."

Domestic Violence Center (DVC) (Cleveland, Ohio, United States)
"...to empower individuals, promote justice and mobilize the community so that all people are free from violence and abuse in their relationships and homes."

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