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Grassroots Electric Vehicle (GREV) Company
"...to help people convert from gas powered vehicles to electric. We offer information to drivers on how they can benefit by owning and commuting in an electric vehicle."

Grassroots Green of Northeastern Indiana
"We also discovered our mission and voice as we worked. We found that we wanted to be a voice of hope and celebration of the good things that are happening, a source of solid information on how to make a difference and, at times, a force pushing needed change...."

Grassroots Innovations
"...community-led solutions for sustainability. They can offer promising new ideas and practices, but often struggle to scale up and spread beyond small niches."

Grassroots Journeys
"...Mathew and Linda came across numerous communities who sought to maintain their traditional lifestyles and minimise damage to the environment by seeking alternative sources of income, rather than accept oil drilling and logging...."

GrassRoots Recycling Network (GRRN)
"...Campaigns, Zero Waste, End Landfilling, Producer Responsibility, End Subsidies, Kids Recycle!, College Zero Waste, GreenYes List, Media Center..."

Green Anarchy: For a Free Society in Harmony with Nature
"We decided that this Green Anarchy website would cover the many different aspects of creating and living in a non-hierarchical and ecologically classless society. In our quest for an anarchist society based on mutual aid and voluntary cooperation...."

Green Anarchy
"... the bi-annual publication of radical (as in diggin' at the roots) anti-civilization theory, critique, and action."

GreenAnswers: Finding the Answers Together
"...a free question and answer site where anyone can ask, answer and learn about environmental issues. All of the questions and answers on GreenAnswers are created by members of the community."

"It shows companies in sustainability markets where they sit today and how to improve on their position. And it shows companies in regular, everyday markets how to use sustainability, technology and innovation to improve their brand position...."

"...Recycling, Green Products, DIY, Nature, Transportation, Art..."

Green Directory, The (Australia)
"...Green Directory, Green Events, GreenSpace..."

Green Eco Warriors
"...fun videos aimed at educating and motivating our community."

Green Energy Library
"...offering information about alternative energy resources from around the Web ... supplying comprehensive information such as news, web links, wiki articles, and much more..."

Green England
"...to provide a comprehensive directory of organisations which provide environmentally friendly, organic and fairtrade products and services."

Green Fresno
"...an information portal about making Fresno 'green'. It is about natural resource conservation,renewable energy, walkable city design, growing more trees, sustainable living, and the many folks that support and debate these ideas."

Green Fudge: Environmental News from a European Perspective
"Climate change, ecology, nature, environment, eco-friendly politics, non-profit projects, human rights, preservation, wildlife...all that we care about."

Green Heritage News (GHN)
"...a narrative of history, culture and spiritual and ethical values along with useful information for living in harmony with the environment from the inside out."

Greening- Act Now
"P'lovers Stratford & now London too, is working hard to educate and share eco lifestyle environmental alternatives for your mind, body and home! This is a place where we hope to share some of the things we're learning as we try to help save the planet..."

Greening Detroit (Michigan, USA)
"...provide information and resources to help consumers make smart, environmentally conscious decisions about greening their environments..."

Green Institute, The
"... a center for research and policy based on the global values of the Green movement: nonviolence, grassroots democracy, social justice and sustainability."

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