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The current Featured Link for Surviving Oppression is Support Vegans in the Prison System (Support VIPS) : "...a volunteer based group working to help vegan individuals live a healthy vegan lifestyle, which is an expression of their deeply held ethical values. We act as a crucial link between the incarcerated community and the Bureau of Prisons, provide information about veganism to the prison population..." -- Find similar and related links in the Animal Rights, Vegetarian, and Vegan Directory.
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"This website focuses on how fear of 'terrorism' is being exploited to push a political and corporate agenda. Specifically, I focus on how animal rights and environmental advocates are being branded 'eco-terrorists' in what many are calling the Green Scare...."

Greenists, The
"Please sign the petition."

Green Jobs Now
"A national day of action to build the new economy..."

green LA girl: urban eco living by the beach
"I'm Siel, an environmental writer and activist, and you're reading green LA girl, my personal blog about eco-friendly, sustainable living in Los Angeles. I wrote the first green LA girl post in July 2005 as a grad student living in west L.A...."

Green Left Weekly
"... a proudly independent voice committed to human and civil rights, global peace and environmental sustainability, democracy and equality."

Green Life Buzz
"...Green (7920), People (6863), Help (5485), Environmental (4402), Sustainable (4177), Sustain (4177), Organic (4099)..."

Green Lifestyle Magazine
"...Greenwashers Busted!, Convenience Culture, Green Greed, Easy Green Steps, Green Certifications, Green Writers, Eco Lawn..."

Green Links for a Healthier World
"... our site contains links to hundreds of other companies, organisations, charities and groups that we believe have broadly similar aims to our own."

Green Markets
"Analysis and Market Research studies in support of Green Entrepreneurs...."

GreenMoney Journal
"...encour-ages and promotes the awareness of socially & environmentally responsible business, investing and consumer resources in publications & online."

"Our overriding desire is to actually make the world a better place rather than just pointing out problems...."

Green Options
"Whether you want to go green to fight climate change, save some dollars at the pump, or give your kids (and yourself) a healthier home, the Green Options has it all...."

Green Parent, The: Your Kid Friendly Guide To Earth Friendly Living!
"...a full-time mom, environmentalist, and author who researches and writes about the two topics that are closest to her heart: children and the environment. As a former park ranger for the National Park Service, Jenn traveled the U.S...."

Green Party Watch (GPW)
"It has had a roller coaster ride in the U.S., but one thing is for sure - media coverage of the Green Party in the United States is barely noticeable at all...."

Green People
"World's largest directory of eco-friendly and holistic health products..."

Green Planet Films (GPF)
"...a non-profit distributor of nature and environmental DVDs from around the globe. We promote environmental education through film. We seek to preserve and protect our planet by collecting and distributing documentaries..."

Green Prophet
"...we've been featured on the world's most popular blogs and newspapers as a definitive source of green news for business experts, journalists and analysts following clean technology development, and social issues related to the environment, in the Middle East - North Africa region."

Greens, The - Index
"Archive of events in the development of Green politics..."

Green Singles
"Our priorities are people, planet and then profits..."

Green Theory & Praxis: The Journal of Ecopedagogy
"Everything possible is being done to restore the journal in its entirety, upwards of its latest 2011 issue as soon as possible...."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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