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Preserve & Protect
"A not-for-profit corporation providing space on the World Wide Web for Historic Preservation and Environmental Protection Organizations..."

Princeton University Outdoor Action Program
"Outdoor Action takes community service to new heights by offering adventure-based outdoor education and experiential education activities to urban youth in the Mercer County area."

Protect the Adirondacks!
"... dedicated to the protection and stewardship of the public and private lands of the Adirondack Park ..."
http://www.protectadks.org/ ~ http://www.protectadks.org/data/

Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition, The (PSCCC)
"...a public/private partnership that works to advance environmental and public health, energy security and economic development by promoting policies and practices that reduce petroleum consumption."

Puget Soundkeepr Alliance (PSA)
"We are a team of dedicated staff and citizen volunteers whose mission is to stop pollution from entering Puget Sound. The Alliance uses the power granted to citizens to sue under provisions of the Clean Water Act of 1972 to stop polluters in their tracks."

Queensland Greens
"All things are connected to the web of life. We recognise that we are part of nature - not above it..."

RadishBlog (Leeds, UK)
"Radish: an indie green radical bookshop and fair trading post in Leeds."

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
"...a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., whose mission it is to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors to build healthier places for healthier people."

Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
"...uses hard-hitting markets campaigns to align the policies of multinational corporations with widespread public support for environmental protection."

Reef Check: Empowering People to Save Our Reefs and Oceans (California, USA)
"Founded in 1996 by marine ecologist Dr. Gregor Hodgson, the Reef Check Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of two ecosystems: tropical coral reefs and California rocky reefs..."

Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP) (USA)
"We share a deep concern for the environment. We know that a healthy environment and a sound economy are both essential to our nation's prosperity...."

Residents Against Ffos-y-Fran (RAFF)
"...we have been fighting against opencast mining at Ffos-y-Fran for 5 years now, with several members of the group opposing opencast mining in Merthyr Tydfil for decades before us."

Resource Conservation Alliance (RCA)
"Our mission is to protect natural forests through market-based conservation strategies, reducing wood consumption in the United States."
http://www.rca-info.org/ ~ http://woodconsumption.org/

"We are five centuries too late to save the primeval North Woods. But we still have a chance to restore them."

Rewilding Institute, The (TRI)
"...first serves wild Nature. But to serve wild Nature, we serve North America's wonderful grassroots conservation community. We do not compete with other conservation groups, and we strive to share credit."

Rising Tide (Australia)
"...a grassroots Newcastle group taking action against the causes of anthropogenic climate change and for equitable, just, effective, and sustainable solutions to the crisis."

Rising Tide (North America)
"We are committed to Earth-centered, community-based solutions to the climate crisis that foster local autonomy and self-sufficiency...."

Rising Tide (UK)
"...grassroots network of independent groups and individuals committed to taking action and building a movement against climate change."

Rising Tide Worldwide
"...a grassroots network of independent groups and individuals committed to taking action and building a movement against climate change. We do not have a formal membership structure - anyone who supports the political statement on our website can become a part of the network. Rising Tide in the UK is part of the international Rising Tide Network."

Root Force
"The precursor to ecocide and genocide is the separation of people from the land so that both can be exploited...."

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