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Camp for Climate Action (UK)
"...a place for anyone who wants to take action on climate change; for anyone who's fed up with empty government rhetoric and corporate spin; for anyone who's worried that the small steps they're taking aren't enough to match the scale of the problem..."

Campus Greens (USA)
"...build a new society based on the Four Green Pillars of Grassroots Democracy, Ecology, Social Justice, and Non-Violence."

Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (CARC)
"...a citizens' organization dedicated to the long-term environmental and social well being of northern Canada and its peoples. We believe in sustainable development and the application of the precautionary principle. Our policy and advocacy work is grounded in solid scientific and socio-economic research and experience."

Carbon Trade Watch (TCW)
"By centring its work on bottom-up community-led projects and campaigns, Carbon Trade Watch aims to provide a durable body of research which ensures that a holistic and justice-based analysis of climate change and environmental policies is not forgotten or compromised."

Center for EcoPerspectives
"...furthering global sustainability. The Center conducts research and disseminates information relating to environmental and ecological issues."

Center for International Environmental Law, The (CIEL)
"... strengthening and using international law and institutions to protect the environment, promote human health, and ensure a just and sustainable society."

Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts, The (CSPA)
"...views sustainability in art-making through environmentalism, economic stability, and strengthened cultural infrastructure."

Central Queens Greens
"The Green's core principles are ecology, social and economic justice, grassroots democracy and peace."

Chelsea Green
"For 26 years, Chelsea Green has been the publishing leader for books on the politics and practice of sustainable living. We are a founding member of the Green Press Initiative and have been printing books on recycled paper since 1985..."

Chesapeake Terrapin Alliance (CTA)
"We will be updating this web site to let you know about simple ways in which you can help terrapin conservation..."

Citizens Against Strip Mining (CASM) (Canada)
"Help Preserve Cape Breton..."

Citizens Campaign for the Environment
"... formed in 1985 by a small group of concerned citizens who recognized the need to provide public involvement in the course of advancing stronger environmental policy."

Clean Water Action (CWA)
"...an organization of almost one million members working to empower people to take action to protect America's waters, build healthy communities and to make democracy work for all of us."

Climate Action Network
"...a worldwide network of roughly 500 Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels."

Climate Camp Scotland
"Direct action against the root causes of climate change!"

Climate Ground Zero
"Our most important mission on the Coal River is to bear witness. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called mountain top removal the worst environmental crime in America. Every day over a million pounds of explosives are used here in Appalachia. The air and water pollution created by this is killing people and destroying communities..."

Climate Institute
"Create partnerships among policymakers, scientists, the public and environmental institutions at the local, national and international levels to address the climate challenge more effectively."

Climate Justice Action (CJA)
"...a transnational non-hierarchical direct action network that serves as a resource base for exchange of experiences and seeks to connect and give visibility to (localised) struggles in order to be a tool for movement building."

Climate Justice Now!
"A network of organisations and movements from across the globe committed to the fight for social, ecological and gender justice...."

Climate Rush: Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History (UK)
"There's been a lot of confusion about climate change. Some of it has been real scientific debate, but a lot of it has been generated by paid-up climate deniers funded by Exxon Mobile, who wanted to rock people's faith in science so that they'd buy more cigarettes...."

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