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The current Featured Link for the Link Directories of Inactive, Organization Links is Deep Green Resistance Austin: Building A Culture Of Resistance To Defend The Natural World : "The individuals who have been working together as Deep Green Resistance Austin have left Deep Green Resistance, due to differences with the national organization. We will continue working under the ideals that brought us together." -- Find similar and related links in the Environmentalism, Green, and Eco-Friendly Directory.
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Climate Science Watch (CSW)
"...holding public officials accountable for using climate research effectively and with integrity in dealing with the challenge of global climate disruption."

Climate Solutions: Practical Solutions to Global Warming
"...the team at Climate Solutions decided from the beginning to focus on accelerating practical and profitable solutions to global warming."

Coal Action Scotland
"...exists to challenge the advancement of coal as an energy source. We aim to inform people about the dangers posed by new coal, promote alternatives, work with those involved, and directly challenge new coal exploitation..."

Collaborative on Health and the Environment, The (CHE)
"....a catalyst for civil discourse and collaborative initiatives among researchers, health professionals, health-affected groups and others concerned with social and environmental impacts on human health. Through these relationships, CHE fosters systemic, multi-factoral, prevention-oriented actions..."

Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)
"At the heart of CFACT, our goal is to 'enhance the fruitfulness of the earth and all of its inhabitants'...."

Committee for Green Foothills (San Francisco, California, USA)
"Through grass-roots activism, education, and advocacy, we work to protect and preserve the hills, forests, creeks, wetlands, and coastal lands of the San Francisco Peninsula."

Communities for a Better Environment
"...a social justice organization with a focus on environmental health and justice. We organize in working class communities of color because those communities suffer the most from environmental pollution and toxics."

Conservation International
"People depend on nature for many things. A stable climate. Clean air. Fresh water. Abundant food. Cultural resources. And the incalculable additional benefits the world's biodiversity provides...."
http://www.conservation.org/ ~ http://www.conservation.org/Pages/default.aspx

Conservation Northwest
"...protects and connects old-growth forests and other wild areas from the Washington Coast to the BC Rockies: vital to a healthy future for us, our children, and wildlife."

Convention on International Trade in the Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
"... an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival."

Cool Earth
"The simple idea behind Cool Earth is that rainforests are worth much more to the human race left standing, helping to cool the planet, than they are cut down for timber or burnt to clear land for cattle ranching..."

Croatan Earth First!: No Compromise in Defense of the Land of the Pines (North Carolina, USA)
"We are a group of eco-warriors drawn together by common principles and a great love for the natural communities of North Carolina. We generally meet in Raleigh, Chapel Hill or Durham...."

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage (Missouri, USA)
"...an ecovillage and intentional community of about 50 people set amid the hills and prairies of rural northeastern Missouri. Our goal is to live ecologically sustainable and socially rewarding lives, and to share the skills and ideas behind that lifestyle."

Deep Green Resistance (DGR)
"...an analysis, a strategy, and a movement being born, the only movement of its kind. As an analysis, it reveals the last 10,000 years of human history-the rise and dominance of civilization-as the culture of death that is now threatening every living being on Earth."

Deep Green Resistance - Colorado (USA)
"The goal of DGR is to deprive the rich of their ability to steal from the poor and the powerful of their ability to destroy the planet. This will require defending and rebuilding just and sustainable human communities nestled inside repaired and restored landbases."

Deep Green Resistance - Deerfield, Massachusetts (USA)
"How do we stop the mass destruction of our planet? We need a world without environmental devastation and social oppression: we need to confront civilization."

Deep Green Resistance - Great Plains (USA)
"The soil, the air, the water, the climate, and the food we eat are created by complex communities of living creatures. The needs of those living communities are primary; individual and social morality must emerge from a humble relationship with the web of life."

Deep Green Resistance - New York (USA)
"DGRNY Stands in complete solidarity with all those in Montreal and elsewhere protesting against austerity and anti-protesting legislation!"

Deep Green Resistance - Ohio (USA)
"As an analysis, it reveals the last 10,000 years of human history-the rise and dominance of civilization-as the culture of death that is now threatening every living being on Earth. As a strategy, it critiques ineffective lifestyle actions..."

Deep Green Resistance - Orlando (Florida, USA)
"So while DGR is about fighting back, in the end this movement is about love. The songbirds and the salmon need your heart, no matter how weary, because even a broken heart is still made of love. They need your heart because they are disappearing, slipping into that longest night of extinction..."
http://deepgreenresistanceorlando.org/ ~ http://dgrorlando.wordpress.com/

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