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Symbol of the Woman's Movement Against Patriarchy
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Symbol of the Woman's Movement Against Patriarchy
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Suffragist Oral History Project
"In the early 1970s the Suffragists Oral History Project, under the auspices of the Bancroft Library's Regional Oral History Office, collected interviews with twelve leaders and participants in the woman's suffrage movement...."
http://bancroft.berkeley.edu/ROHO/projects/suffragist/ ~ http://bancroft.berkeley.edu/ROHO/ohonline/suffragists.html

Suppressed Histories Archive, The
"...uncovers the realities of women's lives, internationally and across time, asking questions about patriarchy and slavery, conquest and aboriginality."

"A USian white autistic girl (she pronouns) blogging about her life and perseverations. See my about page for more."

TCU Women's Network Blog
"Frogs for Feminism..."

Tempest in a Teapot
"Proud member of the Trifecta (Liberal, Feminist, Socialist.) Hedonist...."

Tennessee Guerilla Women (TGW)
"Email news tips..."

That Takes Ovaries (TTO)
"...celebrates the gutsy, bold, courageous acts of women and girls, both locally and globally. Our empowerment model combines the arts with activism..."

This Is Hysteria!: A Hysterical Woman Writing Hysterically
"Washroom signs are very telling of the way societies construct gender. They identify the male as the universal and the female as the variation."

Trivia: Voices of Feminism
"...one of the names of the Triple Goddess. Recognizing that what is of primary importance in women's lives tends to be relegated to the margins of patriarchal history and thought, dismissed as 'trivial'..."

Under the Radar
"Anarchists. Feminists. Environmentalists. Human rights activists. Anti-big government, corporate conglomerate, big pharmaceuticals, liberty denying fascist mergers of the corporate and the state. Anti-patriarchy, white supremacy, and hetero-centric thought."

Urban Feminist, The
"I really think we need to reclaim the word 'bitch'...."

Various Fields Within Feminism
"Aesthetics and Art, Anarcha Feminism, Anthropology, Body Studies, Communication and Media, Critical Theory, Economics, Education..."

Vegan Feminist Pirate
"Give Me Justice & Freedom...Or, I'll Just Take Them Myself"

WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution
"Welcome to the WACKsite, the community driven component of moca.org dedicated to enriching viewers' understanding of WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution and its many supporting programs."

"A site for individualist feminism and individualist anarchism..."

Where Is Your Line?
"...a 24 minute documentary about a young woman - the filmmaker- who is raped..."

Whisper to a Scream
"...to use art through all mediums to create awareness that leads to action that helps eradicate the barriers that keep women from being recognized as full, autonomous human beings in society."

"...a project initiated by the OECD Development Centre to facilitate the exchange and improve the knowledge on gender equality-related issues around the world. A particular focus lies on gathering empirical evidence and identifying adequate statistics to measure gender equality."

WMST 2010 A: Feminist Analysis
"This blog is a result of Kristen McCauliff's Women's Studies 2010 class. The class kept a blog to post interviews and media analysis projects...."

Woman's Health Action & Mobilization (WHAM!)
"For welfare rights organizing, see the directory of welfare rights groups compiled by the Center on Social Welfare Policy and Law. For all other reproductive rights and women's health issues, see our list of women's health links."

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