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Symbol of the Woman's Movement Against Patriarchy
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Symbol of the Woman's Movement Against Patriarchy
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Why are there two pages for every directory, one for 'Information' and one for 'Organizations'? Because there are typically two types of links you will find: those that help you learn more, and those that help you become active. And when you want one kind of link, it can be disruptive to stumble across the other kind.
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On the Issues Magazine
"...a progressive, feminist quarterly print publication from 1983 to 1999..."

"...an arbitrary system whereby human bodies are transformed into 'women' and 'men' for the purposes of distributing access to social, economic and cultural power..."

Ore's Notes
"...Life in Lagos, Nonprofits, Technology, Feminism, Natural Hair, Writing, Books, Travel..."

Our Bodies, Our Blog
"...your daily dose of women's health news and analysis."

Pam Hogeweide: Writing for a Change
"My first book, Unladylike: Resisting the Injustice of Inequality in the Church, is due out from Civitas Press in November 2011...."

Paradigm Shift
"We foster a thriving, active, diverse, and expanding feminist community with the purpose of self-expression and coalition building, creating a shift in social, political, and economic consciousness...."

Paula Kamen
"I was quoted (just before the 8-minute mark) with my killjoy feminist POV on the Canadian radio show..."

Pay Up! (Australia)
"Believe it: on average Australian women are paid 17% less than men. Support equal pay in the community sector..."

Rachel Rabbit White: Public Discourse on Private Matters
"Rachel R. White is a Journalist. This is her blog, which explores the topics she writes on: sex, gender, human relationships and other things you aren't supposed to talk about. Won't you join the conversation?"

Rachel Slocum
"...critical nature-society studies, feminist theory, food and race..."

RadFem Hub: A Radical Feminist Collective Blog
"...a public, collective radical feminist blog, publishing content from a dozen established radical feminist bloggers from all around the world. In addition to what we're creating here, each HUB blogger has her own personal radfem blog..."

Radical Feminisms: An EXCO Reading/Discussion Group
"...for enhancing the communicative and learning capacities of reading group(s) on Radical Feminisms..."

Radical Profeminist, A
"...to challenge white heterosexual male supremacy as an institutionalized ideology and a systematized set of practices which are misogynistic, heterosexist, racist, genocidal, and ecocidal."

Radical Readers & Feminisms for Dummies
"We will vote on one book to read each month and discuss it here, as well as our Goodreads group. Why a Feminist Book Club? Why the heck not? This started as an idea between a couple of feminist bloggers: a way to read feminist texts and discuss them with other like-minded people."

Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism
"...provides a space for radical feminist thought, analysis, creativity, activism, and resistance to flourish. We seek to bring to the forefront the voices, issues, politics, and struggles of radical feminist women in the U.S. and internationally."

"...aims to promote a critical analysis of history and contemporary issues through the lens of multiple feminisms. We focus on the intersections of lived realities and histories, such as the experiences related to race, class, gender, sexuality, age, and ability."

"...to represent the union of two traditions: the 'bluestocking' label disparagingly pinned on feminists of earlier centuries--and 'red' for revolution."

Refuse To Choose: Marxist and Feminist, Both
"...our study group uses Marxist feminist texts as a point of departure, building on and re-working Marxist theories to meet our current political project to destroy capitalist patriarchy."

Revolutionary Motherhood: Every Mother is Revolutionary
"...Don't Have to Do Nothing: Be Free (and still) Be Loved..."

Revolutionary Self Love
"I am a daughter, a photographer, a blogger, a friend and a feminist. This blog is about all of those things and I am writing to show my journey of self love and to encourage other woman to do the same..."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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