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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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Philosophy of Non-Monogamy, The
"... rambly thoughts on non-monogamy punctuated by pictures of cock."

"...a feed aggregator that collects, archives and delivers to you via web browser or feeds all articles from polyamory-centrered weblogs."
http://www.planetpoly.org/ ~ http://www.planet-poly.org/

Pleasure Principle, The
"Sensual thoughts from a hedonistic smart chick..."

Polly Frost
"Cheap and sleazy infidelity, with an emphasis on fake names and questionable motels...."

"We offer a social network for the polyamorous where we can connect for friendships, information or for love."

Poly-wha? Love, Sex, and Everything in Between
"I'm 23, a college graduate, poly curious individual looking to redefine what love and relationships mean to me."

Polyamore (Germany)
"Austausch zum Thema Polyamore, intime Beziehungen zu mehr als einem Menschen..."

Polyamorous Collections, The
"In 2009 I wanted to do something really special, so I created the Polyamorous Collection, which is a series songs, videos, and artwork that I released monthly online through all of 2009 that explores the world of love, sex and romance."

Polyamorous Furs
"...dedicated to polyamorous furries. The current objective is to provide useful information about polyamorous love. In the future, it may provide a forum to help poly furs chat on common ground, and maybe get together and such."

Polyamorously Perverse
"Re-inventing a Marriage One Naughty Step at a Time..."

Polyamorous Misanthrope
"Wielding the Stick of Grandmotherly Kindness..."

Polyamorous Pagan, The
"Here you will find multiple resources for learning about and understanding what it means to be both Polyamorous and Pagan. So take some time, look around, and see what you can learn...."

Polyamorous Percolations
"Expanding the notion of family into the realm formerly occupied by community...."

Polyamory - A Love Story
"From bad to good. And the road that follows."

Polyamory-An Unconditional Love
"...dedicated to the exploration of polyamory..."
http://www.anunconditionallove.org/ ~ http://www.ropi.net/aul/

Polyamory - A Spiritual Framework for Relationships
"The philosophy and practice of engaging in loving relationships, with the intention of spiritual expression and experience (usually) as a means of approaching a state of spiritual unity...."

Polyamory - Enlightened Lovers or Sluts In Denial?
"After a lifetime of monogamy, I have decided to experiment with ethical sluttery. Not many people understand the concept of more than one loving relationship and I have started this blog to both help me deal with the new experiences..."

Polyamory.ch (German)
"Polyamory steht für die Überzeugung, verantwortungsvoll, ehrlich und offen mehrere verbindliche Liebesbeziehungen leben zu können...."

Polyamory.com Forum
"...to provide a community forum for those folks who are polyamorous or poly-curious. We welcome poly folk of every orientation--hetero, GLBT, pansexual, asexual, or anything else--and involved in every sort of poly tangle--vee, triad, quad, circle, network, whatever."

Polyamory.org.uk (UK)
"... a philosophy and lifestyle based around the forming and sustaining of relationships with multiple partners in an open, honest and non-possessive way."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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