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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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"It's not about sex. It's about self."

Comunided Polyamory De Mexico
"Filosofía Polyamory en Esta imagen..."

Confessions of a Libertine
"A person who espouses or practices libertinism (q.v.)., which is: 1. Defiance in thought, word, or deed of the prevailing sexual mores (q.v.)...."

Confessions of a Polyamorist
"I knew from an early age, monogamy was not for me. It took some time for me to actually be mature enough to handle polyamory, but then again, I was always a late bloomer...."

Conscious Sensuality
"We don't need to spend so much time on cultivating our sexual energy or on tactics to build sexual excitement with a lover. Instead i focus on generating my own energy through yoga, meditation, nourishing food, sleep, and releasing emotional charges..."

Consensual Lifestyles
"Hippies, Yuppies, Dinks, Swingers, Goth, Emo, Green lifestyle, Gay lifestyle, Poly lifestyle, or how about the more encompassing Alternative lifestyle...."

Countess, The - Elizabeth Black
"Sex Blogging, Erotica Writing, Erotic Romance, Sensuality, Good Food And Drink, And A Life Of Pleasure...."

Craving More
"This blog details my journey as it pertains to discovering MORE about my own sexuality. The stories and ideas relate to my personal awakening on many levels."

Curvaceous Dee
"Curvaceous, vivacious, tenacious, bodacious. That's me! I'm also fat, poly, pansexual, civilly unioned, kinky, kiwi, and happy."

Dancing About Architecture
"I'm a queer West Coast girl in a 8+ year committed relationship with a woman, C. C and I have been married since '04 and exploring polyamory since late winter '10, at my request...."

Date Slut, The
"Bisexual polyamorous 20-something seeks fun people in a new city. I just moved to a new city on the East coast in January. Since then, I've been a dating fiend. Ah, internet dating- you are the bread and butter of my social life...."

Dear Polly Amorie
"On being a woman practicing polyamory in Canada..."

"I am polyamorous, Kinky, Twisted, Perverted, Involved and live in Johannesburg, South Africa..."

Defending the Raven
"I'm a bisexual, married guy in a semi-open relationship with my bisexual wife. Sharing my own experiences of the good, the bad, and the incredibly sexy...."

Deviated Norm, The
"An atheistic queer, poly genderqueer trans guy's take on 'Normal' society...."

Diane Vera's Polyamory Page
"The purpose of this website is not any pretense at being an authority on polyamory, which I most certainly am not. Its purpose is simply to share my own perspectives..."

Diary of a Kinky Librarian
"...a self-identified slut, pervert, polyamorist, bisexual, submissive, feminist librarian. She's a thirtysomething living in an undisclosed part of the NYC area."
http://www.diaryofakinkylibrarian.com/ ~ http://www.kinkylibrarian.net/ ~ http://librarianbabe.blogspot.com/

DK Leather
"The scribblings of a spiritual, polyamorous, trans, kinky, queer, leather daddy...."

Dr. Petra Boynton (United Kingdom)
"My research has covered topics within the area of sexual health, including the effects of pornography, women involved in street prostitution, policy and practice in sex education, evaluating advice giving in the media, sexual functioning, and modernising sexual health services."

dream is destiny
"Musings from a 22 year old fat, kinky, polyamorous, queer, genderqueer, feminist, photographer, student, poet/writer...."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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