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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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Ghidrah, The
"We also share a love for all things kinky and fun such as age play, BDSM, polyamory, and a desire to teach and share with others...."

Greatheart Counselling (Canada)
"We support individuals, couples and groups who are kinky, who are in polyamorous and open relationships, or who do sex work. We celebrate the complexities that unique individuals bring to the intimacy, sex and relationships..."

Greenery Press
"Your best bet for selling a book to us is to develop a well-written and well-organized how-to book on some aspect of human sexuality, preferably an aspect that has not been extensively written about in the past...."

Green Tea and Tan Lines
"This blog is about Naturism, Polyamory, Kink and other things that I enjoy as a result of having an over-sexed mind - it's my journey and discoveries. Oh yes, healthy doses of eye candy never hurt..."

Greta Christina's Blog
"Sex, atheism, politics, dreams, and whatever. Thinking out loud since 2005...."
http://gretachristina.typepad.com/ ~ http://gretachristina.typepad.com/greta_christinas_weblog/

Grumpy Witch's Polyamory Page
"The definition of polyamory is 'many loves'. What this means to each individual is different. There is no One True Way to do or be polyamorous..."

Guy's Homepage
"Welcome to my homepage. My name is Guy W. Thomas. I'm a writer, Mediator/facilitator, Disability Activist, Polyamorist,Progressive/ Leftist politician, SF/Music/Film Fan."

Hacker Sluts
"... an RSS feed aggregator for journals, blogs, and other RSS sources about sex and sexuality. You'll find all kinds of things here, from personal Weblogs about sex to synicated Web-based advice columns about sexual topics."

Have Better Sex
"...a labor of love provided free of charge to any adult who wishes to expand their sexual awareness and better their own sex life."

Hooking Up Smart
"Hooking up is a term to describe a sexual encounter between two people. It is a deliberately vague expression, and can mean making out, having intercourse, or anything in between...."

Hot Poly Mess, A
"We're all polyamorous, we're all bisexual, and we're all married to men (er, one man each)...."

Information About Polyamory
"...the theory and practice of openly maintaining multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships..."

Inn Between, The - Polyamory
"I believe in and practice a form of responsible non-monogamy called 'Polyamory'. What the hell does that mean? Well, that's a rather complicated question."

Inside the Oversexed Mind of Gloria Brame
"All books by me, Counseling/Therapy, Erotographica, Gender Fluidity: Image Archive..."

Into Temptation
"...a usually-but-not-always safe-for-work forum about evolving social-sexual networks and how they have changed and are changing lives."

Jay Sekora's Home Page
"I'm a 43-year-old bi, poly geek who grew up in the Midwest but has become thoroughly rooted in the Boston area...."

Jenny Block
"...author of 'Open: Love, Sex, and Life in an Open Marriage' (2008 Lambda Literary Award) is a frequent contributor to a number of high-profile publications."
http://www.jennyonthepage.com/ ~ http://open-marriage.blogspot.com/

Jenny on the Page
"Sure, intense and romantic sex is great too, but there is something really stimulating about being able to laugh while you're getting down and dirty...."

Joe's Secret Life -- Polyamory
"...the practice of having multiple open, honest loving relationships..."

Journals of a Polyamorous Triad
"Thoughts, Ideas, Experiences, and Reflections on Polyamory..."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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