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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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Minority Report
"A 30 Something's Attempts to Get Her Sexy Back in the Midst of a Sometimes Crazy Life..."

Miss Poly Manners
"There are a lot of assumptions and implicit expectations about how people should behave in society, but, do the rules change in the polyamorous community? If so, how?"

Mister Wolfe
"I've been involved in bdsm/kink for over 15 years. I would primarily be described as a Daddy dom, a sadist, and a dirty old man...."

Mistress Arabella's Bombshells & Rockstars
"We're here as your guide to sex, dating, culture, kink, playing hard & staying safe. We do all the dirty work, so you can have all the fun!"
http://bombshells-and-rockstars.com/ ~ http://mistressarabella.wordpress.com/

Mistress Matisse's Journal
"Seattle writer/professional dominatrix's personal musings, rants and life-trivia..."

Mistress Matisse's Podcast
"Mistress Matisse, Seattle sex columnist and professional dominatrix talks about BDSM, polyamory, sex work, and her life as a sexual outlaw. Adults only!"

Modern Poly
"If you embark on a polyamorous life, especially as a newbie, sex and dating can leave you feeling a bit like a kid in a candy shop."

More Sex Chocolate and Red Lipstick
"My friends come to me for advice about sex and toblerone cheesecake. I'll always go the extra mile. I have a weakness for the beautiful and the vulnerable...."

Morgaine LeFaye
"The online entity also known as Irma Vermaat..."

Multiple Loves
"I've been having a hard time, keeping my posts in this blog about polyamory, alone - because I enjoy sex so much, sometimes it's all I want to talk about...."

Musings of a Polyamorous Kinky Jew
"I realized I was polyamorous. I realized that the definition of how I chose to love had completely changed...."

My Jaaneman
"An ephemeral account of a short fling with a PERFECT Love² (plyamory) relationship. High points of intense Love, lovst (love+lust), loveship (love+friendship), lovesh (love+crush) and everything in between."

My Journey In Plural Marriage
"Being new to plural marriage I thought it would be interesting to share my journey with other like individuals...."

My Kinky Life
"I've been kinky all my life, but I didn't realize that I was not the only person with kinky thoughts and predelection..."

My Life as a Jewish Slut
"...it's true. ask your neighbour - jews aren't sluts. well, not in the sense of gangbanging your boyfriend and his whole minyan. tired of being constructed as 'tight', 'frigid' and 'jewish', i'm reclaiming that term for myself. slut."

Networking Polyamory in Australia
"On this site, you will find links to email lists, chat rooms, webforums, and local social events. We encourage you to join in wherever you feel most comfortable."
http://polyoz.net.au/ ~ http://polyoz.dhs.org/

Never Do This: Poly Mistakes
"...to describe some of the mistakes you can make in a non-monogamous relationship even if you are compassionate, honest, and well-intentioned."

New Poly Anna, The
"...documenting more or less or more the genesis a year prior of one girl's journey into a radically new way of loving and living."

New Zealand PolyPioneers
"...for support in forming honest, respectful, long-term multi-partner relationships and families..."

No Designation
"...a blog focusing on the political issues of gender and sexual minority communities."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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