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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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The current Featured Link for the Revolution and Social Justice Link Directory is Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBMedia) : "...an Indigenous youth response to the need for media justice in our communities. We seek to create community ownership of media through youth empowerment. We challenge corporate dominated media by telling our own stories and by establishing our own networks and opportunities for media distribution." -- Find similar and related links in the Anarchism, Libertarian, and Anti-Authoritarian Directory.
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Center for Positive Sexuality
"...to provide comprehensive, sex-positive education and information through presentations, materials, and information about current research and resources for you and your community."

Center for Sex and Culture
"We envision the day when people around the world are free from the stigmas and shame attached to sexuality. Rather, sexuality is recognized as a birthright and as our life-force energy...."
http://sexandculture.org/ ~ http://centerforsexandculture.org/

Center for Sex Positive Culture
"... to inspire and assist volunteers to produce experiential events where members can explore their sexual interests in a physically and emotionally safe environment."

Central Iowa Polyamory
"Polyamory is the practice of responsible, open and honest non-monogamy. Polyamory therefore is NOT the same as 'cheating.' Polyamorous relationships include committed friendships, families of choice, extended families, polyfidelitous families..."

Central MA Poly (Massachusetts, USA)
"Merry Meet and Welcome! This group is to help all people in Central Massachusetts who truly wish to live the polyamory/polyfidelity lifestyle find others in the area with the same ideals and beliefs and communicate with each other...."

Chesapeake Polyamory Network - The Next Generation (CPN-TNG)
"...to provide a place where polyamorous, poly-curious and poly-friendly people 35 years of age and under meet, socialize, and talk about matters of common concern to them and their peers."
http://www.cpn-tng.org/ ~ http://www.cpntng.org/

Chesapeake Polyamory Network
"Support, Social Activities, Public Education and Advocacy for the Polyamorous, Poly-Friendly, and Poly-Curious..."

CinErotic Film Festival
"...celebrates sex-positive, diverse and empowering erotic cinema and performance by amateurs, independent artists and the avant-garde."

CnyPoly List (Central New York, USA)
"...for people interested in polyamorous relationships.This group is for Poly folk in the Central New York area. This site is intended for any talk relating to poly relationships, issues, or events."

Coalition for Positive Sexuality (CPS)
"You have the right to complete and honest sex education. Demand information from your school, healthcare provider and parents...."

Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS)
"...dedicated to the support and promotion of excellence in the study of alternative sexualities, and the dissemination of research results to the alternative sexuality communities, the public, and the research community."

Conversio Virium - New York City's Student BDSM Education Group
"...a safe space for BDSMers, because one of the major functions of the organization is to act as a peer support group."

Corvallis Oregon Poly Support & Discussion Group
"...we have monthly potlucks on the first sunday of each month. we also do an annual dance and a fall over night retreat. We would love to spread the word of Polyamory support, conversation, information, good food and friendly PolyFolks."

cvillepoly (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)
"This is a polyamory list for those who are in the Charlottesville, Virginia area and want to talk to other local poly-minded people. This is a satellite list for Ha.R.P. Hampton Roads Polyamory..."

Delaware Valley Synergy
"...a Social Club supporting Open Relationships in the greater Philadelphia region..."

Desiree Alliance, The
"...a diverse, volunteer-based, sex worker-led network of organizations, communities and individuals across the US working in harm reduction, direct services, political advocacy and health services for sex workers."

DFW-Poly (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
"Polyamory is the nonpossessive, honest, responsible and ethical philosophy and practice of having a relationship (on one or more levels) with multiple people simultaneously. Polyamory emphasizes consciously choosing how many partners one wishes to be involved with..."

DurbanPoly (Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa)
"...to establish, cultivate and expand a self-sustaining friendly community of polyamorous and polyamory-friendly South Africans..."

East Bay Poly Potluck
"...to talk about what's going on for you in your poly life, both from the head and the heart."

Family Synergy
"...a Social/Educational Club in Southern California supporting Open Relationships..."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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