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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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Family Tree
"...people actively interested and/or participating in alternative relationship and family lifestyles..."

First Church of Polyamory, The
"To provide a place where people can combine sexuality with spirituality, To help like minded Polyamorous Pagans find each other, Help each other make contact with our Divine Lover within..."

Fort Wayne, Indiana Polyamory (USA)
"...for those in Fort Wayne, Indiana (and surrounding areas) who are interested in and/or practicing the lovestyle of polyamory*. I have seen a few Indiana groups but they have mostly been based in Indianapolis and some NW Indiana groups as well."

GatorPoly (Florida, USA)
"...a Poly Social Discussion Group serving the Gainesville/Ocala/JAX Florida areas and surrounding North Central Florida areas. Our goal is to provide an Open Discussion and Social Group for those Polyamorously minded/curious."

Good Vibrations Independent Erotic Film Festival
"Get your cameras rolling!"

Hampton Roads Polyamory (Virginia, USA)
"... a group of people who have formed a discussion and support group around polyamory and ethical non-monogamy and related issues."

HarpRichmond (Virginia, USA)
"A group of people in the Richmond area have formed a monthly discussion and support group around polyfidelity, polyaffection, non-monogamy, and related issues. Polyamory is not a new lifestyle, just the term Polyamory is...."

Hawaiian Poly Pagans
"A meeting place for couples, singles and groups in Hawaiian intrested in learning, practicing or discussing Polyamory and Paganism or Alternative sexuality, spirituality or lifestyles. All welcome."

Human Awareness Institute (HAI)
"For many people sexuality is a taboo subject. HAI offers a forum to learn, share our fears about and discuss intimate relationships...."

Indiana Poly Discussion
"This is a discussion group for people interested or involved in polyfidelitous or polyamorous relationships in the state of Indiana. We are open to alternative lifestyles, including religion, orientation, fetish, etc...."

Inland Northwest Poly (Idaho, Washington, Montana) (USA)
"Discussion on issues including Polyamory, Polyfidelity and all forms of Poly in the Inland Northwest Area including North Idaho and Eastern Washington."

Institute for 21st Century Relationships, The
"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness...."

Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS)
"...the only graduate school in the United States, and one of the few in the world, approved to train sexologists. The Institute is approved by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education."

Iowa City Polyamory
"...meets every two weeks, with the meeting place announced on the IowaPoly Listserve. This is a casual, social gathering for discussion and fun with people who share the same beliefs about love and affection."
http://www.celticbear.com/iapoly/ ~ http://www.celticbear.com/iapoly/index.html

Iowa Polyamory
"This club is meant to provide a place for poly people in Iowa to connect and communicate. We welcome any communication about polyamory and the issues that come up for those living a poly lifestyle."

"A discussion list for those in and around Kansas interested in Polyamory and various forms of non-monogamy. This is not a meet market or swingers site...."

Kansas City's Lifestyle Club
"We offer a clean, safe, discreet, fun and no pressure place to enjoy your evenings with other couples just like yourselves...."

Kentucky Polyamory
"Polyamory is the philosophy and practice of loving or relating intimately to more than one other person at a time with honesty and integrity. It's also known as responsible nonmonogamy or multi-partnering..."
http://www.kentuckypolyamory.org/ ~ http://open-relationships.com/kentucky/index.html

Kinsey Institute, The
"...promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction."

Kitsap-Based Poly, Discussion Group (Kitsap County, Washington State, USA)
"Members of polyamorous communities in other locales as well as newcomers or those just curious are welcome. For the sake of avoiding further argument, polyamory will be defined as loving more than one."

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