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Free Love, and Sexual Liberation

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New York Polyamory Central The Next Generation Network
"Aimed at polyamorists ages 18-35 in New York & the Northeast. Open to all, ages over 18...."

New Zealand Polyamory Network
"...for Kiwis who are interested in Polyamory..."
http://webspace.webring.com/people/lp/polypagan/ ~ http://www.geocities.com/nz_polyamory/

NJ Polyamory Group (New Jersey, USA)
"Discussion group on poly-related topics...."

North Bay Polyamory Network
"This mailing list is NOT a discussion list; the only posts are announcements of community events and items of interest to local polyfolk in the wine country of Northern California, and personal ads are prohibited...."

North Bay Poly Chat
"This list serves as a discussion forum for members of the North Bay Polyamory Community, in Sonoma, Marin, Napa & Mendocino counties, California...."

North Carolina Poly
"... a discussion and announcement e-mail list supporting the polyamorous community in the North Carolina region. While the list membership is centered on the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area, we do have members from Virginia, South Carolina, and other surrounding areas."

NW Poly BDSM (Pacific NorthWest, USA)
"This List is for Poly BDSM people living in the Pacific NorthWest in search of others who share an interest Poly BDSM, with a focus on the aspects Poly and Poly BDSM Lifestyles...."

NYC-Poly (New York City, New York, USA)
"...is the discussion and announcement list for the NYC Metro area local polyamory social and support group. Anyone who identifies as poly or is interested in poly is invited to join."

Ohio Valley Polyamory Network
"... a place where others can contact and network with like-minded people and begin to cultivate community. We've found networking through e-mail, list serves, chat rooms to be very helpful in exploring the relatively uncharted waters of multiple relationships."

OKPoly (Oklahoma, USA)
"A discussion list for those in and around Oklahoma interested in Polyamory and various forms of non-monogamy...."

Orlando Poly
"... a discussion & social group for the polyamorous, poly-curious, and poly-friendly in the Orlando area."

Ottawa-Polyamory - The Ottawa Polyamory Group (Canada)
"This group is for anyone who considers themselves polyamorous living in the Ottawa area. Please feel free to discuss issues, plan events and post your thoughts...."

Pagan Polyamory Personals (Ohio, USA)
"This list is for Pagans in the southwestern part of Ohio who have an interest in or practice polyamory, or who want to socialize with those who share similar interests...."

Pali Paths Oahu's Polyamory Network
"The Aloha Chapter of Unitarian Universalists for Polyamory Awareness..."
http://palipaths.org/ ~ http://palipaths.tripod.com/

PC-Poly (Panama City, Florida, USA)
"This is for the polyamorous residents of Panama City (and surrounding Bay County/NW Florida Panhandle area) to discuss relationship issues, and just know that they are not alone in their alternative relationship choices."

PDX-Poly (Portland, Oregon, USA) (Tribe.net)
"Where Portland's poly and poly friendly can meet...."

PDX-Poly (Portland, Oregon, USA)
"List for the polyamorous and polyfi community in Portland Oregon to communicate and create commmunity."

Philipsburg MT Polyamory Group (Montana, USA)
"Polyamory, translated, means 'many loves.' Polyamory is a general term covering a wide variety of relationship styles, including group marriage (polyfidelity), open marriage, and expanded family..."

Pleasure Activism Australia
"...a non-profit community group for sex-positive, pro-feminist people of any gender who believe in advocating consensual sexual pleasure for adults and who believe in the power of consensual sexuality to transform our society."

Poliamor (Spain)
"Este grupo ofrece un foro de contacto para la gente poliamoroso, que creen que se puede tener más que una pareja con amor, honestidad y integridad...."

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