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Seattle Polyamory Mailing List, The
"...for Seattle-area polyfolk to discuss just about anything and everything relating to polyamory. Topics of discussion range from discussion of personal issues, to poly philosophies, to politics, to social announcements/planning."

Seattle Poly Intimacy Network (SPIN) (Washington State, USA)
"...intended for those people open to the possibility of ethical intimate relationships..."
http://wuzzle.org/~spin/ ~ http://www.polyamory.org/spin/

Seattle Poly Potlucks (Washington State, USA)
"...polyamory, polygamy, polyandry, polygyny, polyfidelity, polyintimacy, responsible non-monogamy..."
http://www.scn.org/~spg/index.html ~ http://www.scn.org/~spg/

Sex 2.0 Conference
"...focuses on the intersection of social media, feminism, and sexuality. How is social media enabling people to learn, grow, and connect sexually? How is sexual expression tied to social activism?"

Sex Party, The (Canada)
"...aims to develop a sex-positive culture. We are the world's first registered political party dedicated exclusively to sex-positive issues."

Sex Positive Week (California State University of Long Beach - CSULB)
"...be open to the public. Over the course of three days, there will be panel-led discussions about the connections between sexuality, freedom, art, religion, the environment, health, and politics."

Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. (SFLDEF)
"Polyamory, swinging, BDSM and fetishism are among the kinds of sexual and lifestyle choices which may expose adherents to legal problems. We believe that the government should not interfere with consensual sexual expression among adults...."

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)
"...affirms that sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, one that is worthy of dignity and respect. We advocate for the right of all people to accurate information, comprehensive education about sexuality, and sexual health services."

Sex Workers Outreach Project (USA)
"...a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy."

"...discussion of polyamory and poly-related issues by people residing, physically or spiritually, in northern California, with a fairly strong focus on the San Francisco Bay Area."

SF Poly (San Francisco, California, USA)
"Info and events that maybe of interest to poly and other open minded, sex positive people in San Francisco and the Bay Area...."

Sharma Center, The
"We are an educational center inquiring into and sharing the wisdom experienced through love, relationship, and sexuality...."

Slo Poly (San Luis Obispo, California, USA)
"The group discusses poly issues, shares experiences and wisdom, and hopefully organizes social functions once in a while. If you're curious about Polyamory there are some good links in that section, and you may feel free to post questions or ask advice."

SoCalPoly: Discussion of Polyamory in S. California (USA)
"...the discussion of polyamory and the issues involved in living a polyamorous lifestyle in Southern California. An opportunity to network with individuals in a tolerant, non-judgemental environment. A safe place for poly-curious people to hear about poly and alternative lifestyles..."

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS)
"The oldest professional society dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about sexuality..."

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Western Region (SSSSWR)
"...publishes a professional journal, sponsors programs to recognize research excellence, and holds an annual meeting and regional conferences, designed to promote interdisciplinary cooperation among researchers, educators and clinicians."

South African Polyamory
"...the umbrella website for polyamory in South Africa."

South Florida Poly Group
"Meet other people interested in polyamorous relationships (ethical non-monogamy or open relationships)...."

South King County Polyamory (Washington State, USA)
"Let's open up a poly internet community for south king county! (Washington State) Straight, bisexual or gay, singles, couples or groups! If you're involved in the lifestyle or want to know more about it, join our club now!"

Squawk -- Denver Area Polyamory
"This list is intended to be a place where poly folks in the area can talk, share stories, get support and plan get-togethers. Feel free to talk about anything you wish."

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