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Art For A Change
"Along with people all over the world, I have been profoundly inspired by the heroic Egyptian people's struggle for democracy..."

"Imagination is the most powerful force we have for liberation. Through live performance, workshops and trainings, and playwriting I creatively address real-world issues and build spaces for interaction, dialogue and deeper engagement."

At-Long-Last-I've-Got-a-Job Blog, The
"The posts until the end of 2009 are thus largely diatribes against the myriad frustrations of unemployment and its unhealthy emotional, psychological and financial consequences, although interspersed with some other bits and pieces."

Atlanta Progressive News
"...has served for five years as Atlanta's trusted source of progressive news and information."

Atomic Books
"... one of those wacky things called a small independent business with one location in Baltimore, in the lovely colorful neighborhood known as Hampden..."

Audio Activism
"...a media activist who produces a podcast and weblog called AudioActivism.org. The podcast is a mix of first person opinion, reviews of online activism tools, interviews with activist, and radio documentary style programs."

Ballot Access News
"...a non-partisan newsletter reporting on the trials and tribulations of folks trying to put candidates on the ballot in the United States of America."

"History is about to change..."

Bear Left!
"Where else would you get your leftist bearings every week?"

Beat the Press (BTP)
"...takes a sharp look at how the media, new and old, covers and analyzes the big issues of the week."

"Bergonia, the nation, is a stable multi-party socialist democracy..."

Bertrand Russell Archives
"...home to the scholarly study of Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), British philosopher, logician, essayist, and renowned peace advocate."

Better World Links
"...to leave to our children a world worth living in..."

Between the Lines Books (BTL Books)
"Many of our readers have told us that they look to BTL for challenging ideas, concepts, and analysis not readily found in the mainstream. At BTL we strive to embrace critical perspectives on culture, economics, and society."

Beyond Chron
"We provide coverage of political and cultural issues often distorted or ignored by the Bay Area's largest newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle...."

Big Issue, The
"... one of the UK's leading social businesses, which seventeen years since its inception continues to offer homeless and vulnerably housed people the opportunity to earn a legitimate income."

Big Thinking on Small Grants
"Civic engagement and social change dialogue with the leader of Grassroots Grantmakers..."

BlacklistedNews.com: Independent Media for Independent Minds
"News tips, Article Submissions and Feedback from our readers is always appreciated...."

Black Rose Books
"... publishes books that deal with important concerns such as gender equality, ecology, cities and neighbourhoods, and questions of peace, freedom and social justice."

Blogging for Michigan
"Progressive politics. Smart policy. Sexy bloggers. That's BFM...."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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