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The current Featured Link for Spreading the Truth is Headwaters Forest : "...the last large unprotected ancient redwood ecosystem left in the U.S. when Texas corporate raider Charles Hurwitz took over Pacific Lumber Company, raiding the company's pension plan, selling off its assets, and doubling the logging in the forest so he could pay back his junk bonds debt." -- Find similar and related links in the Environmentalism, Green, and Eco-Friendly Directory.
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Dan Wyman Books, LLC
"Specialists in Out-of-Print Jewish, Holocaust, & Radical Imprints in All Languages..."

David Bacon
"Mexico, immigrants, culture, philippines, peace & justice, workplace, strikes, portraits, farmworkers, unions, students..."

David McNally: Activist, Author, Professor
"...teaches political science at York University Toronto and actively supports numerous social justice movements in that city."

"Giving decision-making powers to the lowest levels of authority (the populace)..."

Deep Dish Waves of Change: The Many Voices of the Global Village
"...a multimedia project designed to survey community media around the world by compiling and archiving the creative use of participatory communication globally. Waves of Change acts as a platform to share pieces that in many cases are not seen beyond the locale of their production."

Defying Silence: Silence is Complicity
"...a trade unionist, peace and justice activist and took part in political activities. As a trade unionist he oragnized the maritime petty officers and the film studio workers."

Delete the Border
"... an online community with the goal of nurturing a global network of movements against borders."

Delridge Grassroots Leadership
"What your neighbors are doing to build their community and how you can get involved..."

Dematerialism and Energy
"The prevention of competition for wealth and power is a necessary and sufficient condition for Universal Sustainable Happiness."

Democracy & Nature: The International Journal Of Inclusive Democracy
"The collapse of state socialism, in its forms of 'actually existing socialism' in the East and social democracy in the West, means that today the liberation discourse has moved from socialism to democracy."

Democracy for New Mexico
"An information clearinghouse for the grassroots: Progressive : Active : Inclusive..."

Democracy in Virginia
"A forum for progressives in the Shenandoah Valley..."

Democracy Now
"...pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the U.S...."

Democracy Web
"...the story of democracy should be taught as a major theme not just in American history, but in much of world history and social studies."

Democratic Underground
"... to protest the illegitimate presidency of George W. Bush and to provide a resource for the exchange and dissemination of liberal and progressive ideas."

Denver Voice
"To facilitate a dialogue addressing the roots of homelessness by telling stories of people whose lives are impacted by poverty and homelessness and to offer economic, educational and empowerment opportunities for the impoverished community."

Depraved Mindset
"'Un-American', 'Radical', 'Race Traitor', 'Hippie', 'Commie', 'Heathen', Call me what you will...I am who I am...And I am lovin' it!"
http://www.depravedmindset.com/ ~ http://mynameisjujube.blogspot.com/

Diálogo por la Solidaridad Global, El (DGS) (Dialogue for Global Solidarity) (Spanish)
"... concierne análisis de, teoría sobre, y desarrollo de estrategias en torno a nuevos movimientos radical-democráticos de solidaridad global que están comenzando a integrarse y buscando alternativas a la globalización capitalista...."

Die Off
"...a corporation is a machine - a machine that must burn fossil fuel to survive."

Diggers & Dreamers
"The guide to communal living in Britain..."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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