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InterAction - A United Voice for Global Change
"... the nation's leading advocate for international relief and development programs and the prime representative of U.S.-based international NGOs in forging alliances to further common objectives domestically and around the world."

Interfaith Alliance
"...celebrates religious freedom by championing individual rights, promoting policies that protect both religion and democracy, and uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism."

InterIm CDA
"...promoting, advocating, and revitalizing the Chinatown/International District and other Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the Puget Sound area for the benefit of low-and moderate-income residents and community business owners."

International Attac Network
"...an international organization and network in the global justice movement. We are resist neoliberal globalization and work towards social, Environmental and democratic alternatives in the globalization process."

International Coalition of Sites of Conscience (ICSC)
"...historic sites specifically dedicated to remembering past struggles for justice and addressing their contemporary legacies."

International Communes Desk (ICD)
"To spread the communal idea, in its many forms, out of the belief that the communal way of life is not only possible, but essential for the benefit of mankind...."

International Debt Observatory (IDO)
"...a tool of exchange of knowledge, analyses and research on the problematic of the debt. Its aim is to provide precise analyses in most domains relating to problematic of the debt as well as a unique statistical database to the individuals and the organizations that study the mechanism of the debt..."

International Federation of Liberal Youth (ILFRY)
"...the international umbrella organisation of liberal and radical youth organisations."

International Institute of Social History (IISG) (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
"Since its foundation in 1935, the institute has dedicated itself to the collection, preservation and availability of the heritage of social movements worldwide...."

Jewish Social Policy Action Network (JSPAN)
"A small group of activists recognized that our Jewish community's progressive voice had become quiet on important domestic policy issues. We formed an action organization for positive change, and evolved into a vibrant agency for social action...."

Jewish Voice for Peace
"...provides a voice for Jews and allies who believe that peace in the Middle East will be achieved through justice and full equality for both Palestinians and Israelis. Join us."

Jubilee USA Network
"Today, international debt has become a new form of slavery. Take a detailed look at what we're doing to restore right relationships and why we do it...."

Justice League: Serving the Poor of Dallas (Texas, USA)
"Ordinary people coming together to reach out, feed, clothe, love, and fellowship with the homeless, poor, and needy of Dallas."

Justice Policy Institute (JPI)
"... to promote effective solutions to social problems and to be dedicated to ending society's reliance on incarceration."

Kitchener-Waterloo People's Summit, The (KWPS)
"From 3 May to 16 June 2010, the Kitchener-Waterloo People's Summit (KWPS) hosted twenty-six events that educated, engaged, entertained and worked to mobilize the citizens of K-W in the lead up to the G8/20 summits and convergences in Huntsville and Toronto...."
http://www.2010resistance.ca/ ~ http://www.2010resistance.ca/kwps/

Knight Community News Network, The (KCNN)
"...a self-help portal that guides both ordinary citizens and traditional journalists in launching and responsibly operating community news and information sites."

Kolimbo Intergaláctico, El
"...we are dedicated to bringing together people from student, migrant, low-income, and people of color communities to tackle the challenges we face in Durham, NC."

KQED (California, USA)
"...for everyone who wants to be more. Our television, radio, digital media and educational services change lives for the better and help individuals and communities achieve their full potential."

Labour Party (United Kingdom)
"Up and down the country local parties are campaigning for important elections."

LAMB's Basket (Richmond, Virginia, USA)
"...aims to provide food to the needy families of Henrico County. Our patrons are referred to us by area churches, the Central Virginia Food Bank, Catholic Charities, Henrico County Social Services, the United Way, and other organizations."

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