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People for the American Way
"Equality. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. The right to seek justice in a court of law."

Peoples' Global Action (PGA)
"...coordinating decentralised Global Action Days around the world..."

Permanent Defense (Washington State, USA)
"...a project of the Northwest Progressive Institute founded in February of 2002 to protect Washington from destructive right wing initiatives."

Philadelphia Student Union (PSU)
"...to build the power of young people to demand a high quality education in the Philadelphia public school system."
http://home.phillystudentunion.org/ ~ http://www.phillystudentunion.org/

Philly IMC (Independent Media Center) (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
"...seeks to play a major role in social, economic, and environmental justice movements by creating alternatives to the profit- driven agenda of the corporate media..."

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)
"...a single issue organization advocating a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health program. PNHP has more than 18,000 members and chapters across the United States."

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)
"...has advocated for reform in the U.S. health care system. A large part of our work involves educating health professionals about the benefits of a single-payer system..."

Pine Street Inn
"... provides a comprehensive range of services, including permanent supportive housing, job training, emergency shelter and street outreach to over 1,300 homeless men and women each day."

Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project
"...a space where folks can come together and collaborate on ways to resist the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, PA."

Polaris Project
"... for a world without slavery. Named after the North Star that guided slaves towards freedom along the Underground Railroad, Polaris Project has been providing a comprehensive approach to combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery since 2002."

Poverty & Race Research Action Council, The (PRRAC)
"...a civil rights policy organization convened by major civil rights, civil liberties, and anti-poverty groups in 1989-90."

Prairie Fire
"... a grassroots activist organization that has worked for social change since 1975. We want to live in a world which has a just distribution of resources and a political system based on empowerment, participation and responsibility."

"This site provides resources for pro bono and legal services attorneys and others working to assist low income or disadvantaged clients. Please join our community and start making a difference today!"

Programa LaNeta S.C. (Mexican)
"...para construir comunidades e iniciativas estratégicas con la finalidad de que éstas puedan hacer contribuciones significativas al desarrollo equitativo de la humanidad, la justicia social y la sustentabilidad del medio ambiental."

Progress Florida
"...a nonprofit organization promoting progressive values through online organizing, media outreach, and networking with Florida's leading progressive organizations."

Progressive Action Roundtable (PAR) (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
"A forum for progressive groups in the Greater New Haven Area where actions and ideas may be publicized so that others are aware of peace, health, justice, energy, environmental and other issues for the common good...."

Progressive America Rising (PAR)
"News and Views from the Left-Progressive Wing of the Coalition that elected Obama, formerly 'Progressives for Obama,' now pushing forward!"

Progressive Majority (Washington State, USA)
"...to elect progressive champions. We accomplish this by identifying and recruiting the best progressive leaders to run for office..."

Progressive Policy Institute (PPI)
"Inspired wonkery - a constant stream of bold ideas for solving big public problems."

Progressive States Network (PSN)
"...aims to transform the political landscape by sparking progressive actions at the state level."

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