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The current Featured Link for Creative Problem-Solving is Anti-Injustice Movement, The (AIM) : "...a global movement of activists, political emcees and street poets who are fighting together to achieve the slow but steady destruction of global injustice." -- Find similar and related links in the Progressive, Leftist, and Alternative Directory.
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GlobalProject (Italy)
"...fonda le sue radici nel percorso del movimento planetario che ha attraversato in termini conflittuali e progettuali, l'epoca della grande espansione della globalizzazione neoliberista, oggi definitivamente tramontata anche grazie a quelle straordinarie lotte, con l'avvento della crisi globale capitalistica."

"We have lived long enough to know that damage to communities or to the environment is cumulative and not easily reversed."

Grantsmanship Center, The (TGCI)
"...founded in 1972 by Norton J. Kiritz to offer grantsmanship training to nonprofit and government agencies. Before this time, no such training existed and small organizations often lacked the skills to compete for grant opportunities."

Grassroots & Groundwork
"Seizing Opportunities to Reduce Poverty and Build Community Prosperity..."

Grassroots Cable Campaign
"Communities around the country are helping each other win better cable service and greater public benefits from cable service. If you're organizing in your community, we invite you to join our network as we share knowledge..."

Grassroots Camp (New York City, New York, USA)
"This group explores how web technology can be used in support of grassroots organizing and social activism. Like many tech meetups, we will gather together simply to share ideas, experiences, new tools, and a few laughs..."

Grassroots Campaigns (GCI)
"...an independent organization that does strategic consulting, fundraising, and field organizing for good causes and candidates."

Grassroots Collaborative, The (Illinois, USA)
"...a coalition of community and labor organizations working towards the interests of all our constituents. Our member organizations represent over 100,000 residents throughout Illinois."

GrassRoots Community Television (Aspen, Colorado, USA)
"Started in 1971, it is the nations first community television station. Still going strong today, below you'll find links to more information on what we are about...."

Grassroots Education Movement (GEM) (New York City, New York, USA)
"...to Defend Public Education educates, organizes and mobilizes educators, parents, students and our communities against the corporate and government policies that underfund, undermine and privatize our public school system."

Grassroots Empowerment Project
"...a state-wide non-profit organization that is controlled and directed by mental health consumers/survivors, exists to help people labeled with a mental illness exercise power in their lives."

Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo (New York, USA)
"...a community gardening program in Western New York working with public and private sectors to revitalize neighborhoods and build quality of life through the reuse and beautification of vacant land."

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJA)
"...an alliance of U.S.-based grassroots groups who are organizing to build an agenda for power for working and poor people."

Grassroots Grantmakers
"...a place-based grantmaking approach that focuses on strengthening and connecting resident-led organizations and their leaders in urban neighborhoods and rural communities."

Grassroots Groundswell: North Plainfield Citizens for Community Rights (NPCCR)
"...a nonpartisan group of North Plainfield residents intent on empowering free and equal citizens to solve local problems through open public discussion and use of our democratic right to self-governance."

Grassroots House (Berkeley, California, USA)
"...owns and operates a community center featuring a meeting room, facilities and offices for grassroots community organizations and projects such as Copwatch, Prisoners Literature Project, the Green Party, The International Solidarity Movement and the Industrial Workers of the World."

Grassroots India Trust
"Poverty, hunger, marginalization, exclusion and disempowerment have been commonplace coupled with improper use of livelihood resources and community assets...."

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training, The (GIFT)
"...a multiracial organization that promotes the connection between fundraising, social justice and movement-building. We believe that how groups are funded is as important to achieving their goals..."

Grassroots International
"...works around the world to help small farmers and other small producers, indigenous peoples and women win resource rights: the human rights to land, water and food."

Grassroots Leadership College (GLC)
"...connecting leaders in the Madison community with developing leaders through our semester programs; providing individual trainings, forums and workshops; and participating in connecting non-profits together on such issues as funding and consulting services."

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