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The current Featured Link for the Organizations Link Directories is Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign (Africa) : "...formed on November 2000 with the aim of fighting evictions, water cut-offs and poor health services, obtaining free electricity, securing decent housing, and opposing police brutality. The AEC is currently an umbrella body for over 10 community organizations, crisis committees, and concerned residents movements..." -- Find similar and related links in the Anarchism, Libertarian, and Anti-Authoritarian Directory.
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Hemp City
"This site contains valuable information about cannabis, hashish and people enjoying the many benefits of these softdrugs. Authorities around the world have decided that this kind of information is not fit for people under the age of 18..."
http://www.hempcity.net/ ~ http://www.williewortel.org/

"...a medical marijuana show catering to those who may be benefited from the medical use of marijuana."

Hempen Road, The
"It's a movie about a plant......culture, art, economics and environment converging in an independent, multi-media film."

Hemp Evolution
"...blog, calendar, dispensaries, downloads, ecology, energy, facts, history, home, letters, links, manifesto, media, past news, sponsors, studies..."

Hemp Farm, The
"Will Hemp finally allow us to grow money on trees 70 years after being declared 'The New Billion Dollar Crop'?"

Hempfest Hoops
"...dedicated to getting the word out about hooping in general and hooping opportunities at Hempfest Seattle 2010 in particular."

Hemp For Victory 2010
"...72 years and waiting to be free..."

Hemp For Victory Now!
"...marijuana, cannabis, weed, industrial hemp, medical hemp, hemp for victory, hemp..."

Hemp For Victory [ISBN 0-9549939-0-X]
"...in the aim of giving the hemp world the latest information on the growth of the hemp movement."

"For most of human existence, hemp has provided food, fuel, clothing and shelter for people all over the world...."

Hemp Historian, The
"The cultivation and use of marijuana has been documented for more than 10,000 years, and only since 1937--less than a century ago--has marijuana been prohibited."

Hemp History Week
"Did you know that America's history is rooted in growing hemp?"

Hemp Information
"Something this good cannot be kept secret..."

Hemp Info
"Hemp Info, Press Review, Agenda, Medicine, Industry, Build With Hemp, Agriculture, Cultural, Organizations, Link..."

Hempire, The
"Cannabis is a substance which affects the way you think and feel. Sometimes you'll enjoy the experience and sometimes you wont...."

Hemp Lobby Chronicles
"...encourages the use of hemp cannabis for the myriad industrial applications as well as enthusiastically supports medicinal applications of cannabis and adamantly denounces the misguided war on drugs."
http://www.hemplobby.org/ ~ http://hemplobby.wordpress.com/

"Hemp is among one of the most productive and useful plants known; also very safe...."

Hemp Nayer
"Exciting news from the hemp front including hemp as a solution to global warming, health, energy, paper, fabric and the other 50,000 plus uses for this much needed plant. Hemp Heals!"

"Late breaking news on environmental and human friendly hemp : )..."

Hemp Nut, The
"Now that the Hemp Foods market has been officially opened by a federal court ruling, this young but growing industry is prime and ready to go...."
http://www.thehempnut.com/ ~ http://www.hempfood.com/

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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