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Drug, and Substance Use

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Why are there two pages for every directory, one for 'Information' and one for 'Organizations'? Because there are typically two types of links you will find: those that help you learn more, and those that help you become active. And when you want one kind of link, it can be disruptive to stumble across the other kind.
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Kentucky Medical Marijuana Society
"...the legalization in Nevada failed again...What is wrong with this picture???"

"A KindWeb of KindFolks All Over the World"

Kop Productions
"A Website for the Counter-Culture..."

Kush Informer
"Informative & Educational Cannabis Strain Reviews...."

Kush Magazine
"...the medical marijuana industry's premier print magazine and online destination."

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) - Blog
"...a group of cops, judges, prosecutors and everyday citizens teaming up to end the failed, dangerous and expensive war on drugs."

"...began with the notion that the sheer number of cannabis strains can be overwhelming. Our rating and review system enables you to keep track of your usage, what you like and dislike..."

"This website is run by advocates of drug policy reform and intended for advocates of drug policy reform...."
http://legalagainnow.net/ ~ http://blog.legalagainnow.net/

Legal Highs Forum (LHF)
"...Legal Highs Reviews..."

"Marijuana Prohibition Insane Public Policy..."

"Driven by the Drug War, the U.S. prison population is six to ten times as high as most Western European nations...."

Legalize Cannabis in Australia and End Prohibition
"Drug Facts, Information, News and Research from around the world, proving Cannabis is safe and powerful medicine when used correctly Marijuana is the No.1 safe natural treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses...."

"...created in an attempt to get the public involved with the legalization of Marijuana. This site posts the most relevant Marijuana legalization stories available on the Internet."

Legalize Heroin: Not If. When.
"Even within the framework of capitalism, legalization is the only acceptable option...."

Legalize Louisiana
"To decriminalize, tax, and legalize..."

Legal Marijuana California
"Vote or Get Off The Pot!"

Legal Users Guide To The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act
"A Resource for Legal and Medical Professionals, Qualifying Patients, and Caregivers."

Len Richmond Films
"What if Cannabis Cured Cancer summarizes the remarkable research findings of recent years about the cancer-protective effects of novel compounds in marijuana...."

Let There Be Hemp!
"Hemp DivaWELCOME to the best place to learn about HEMP and it's 20,000 or more industrial uses."

"... to carry a 300-year-old tradition into cyberspace...."

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Note: Being listed in the links directory does not mean endorsement. These links are provided as a reference for those who want to find ideas or people for changing the world.

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