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If you are browsing through the lists of inactive links, it isn't a wise decision to visit the original URL. While we list it for the purpose of being able to find an old, inactive website, you cannot click it to go to the actual URL. Some of these domains or links may have been hijacked by Capitalists trying to scam you with gambling, warez, porn, spyware, and viruses. We only link to the archived version of a website, because it is verified to be much more safe.
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Libreria Muscaria (Muscaria Library) (Spain)
"...una librería especializada que ofrece libros relacionados con la Espiritualidad (chamanismo, enteógenos, religiones, psicología transpersonal, plantas medicinales, cosmología, arte visionario, poesía, enseñanzas y leyendas, hadas, astrología o cultivo ecológico, así como varios discos de música."

"Think of us as an aggregate for funny drug-related content around the interwebs!"

Los Angeles Journal for Education on Medical Marijuana (LA JEMM)
"LA JEMM started 4 years ago and has been rockin' ever since...."

Los Angeles Marijuana Clinic Blog
"A blog that discusses the latest on Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Clinics & Doctors..."

LSD Research
"The LD50 of LSD varies from species to species. Rabbit is the most sensitive species known, with LD50 of 0.3 mg/kg i.v...."

Luigi Cooks
"420, Canada, Cancer, cannabis, cure, diet, drugs, food from ganja green, hash health, hemp, Herer Jack legalize, lifting, marijuana, medical..."

Lunart Productions
"IBOGAINE... It has the unique property of removing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings from substances that cause chemical dependence, such as heroin, cocaine, alcohol, etc...."

Lycaeum: Entheogenic Database & Community
"... committed to supplying honest and unbiased information about all aspects of visionary plants, fungi, and chemicals; as well as providing a virtual meeting place for members of the online entheogenic community."

Lynn Harichy: Cannabis Crusader Memorial Page
"Londoner Lynn Harichy, whose efforts helped to legalize medicinal marijuana use in Canada, died Christmas Day after a lengthy battle with multiple sclerosis...."

Lysergia: Eternity Is In Love With The Productions Of Time
"A Guide To Psychedelic Music, Psychedelic Interviews & Articles, Psychedelic Literature & Art, Hidden Underground Sounds..."

Mad Hatter Memorial Page, The: Plant and Chemical Entheogens
"Why use entheogens? For the same reason there is Alchemy. The same reason we have gods. They raise us above our attachments and remove our emotional bounds to show us a different point of view...."

"Magic mushrooms have greatly impacted many cultures. There impact can be traced mainly in the areas of religion, healing and social interaction aspect of the cultures...."

"... one of the most thorough websites in existence on the subject of Psilocybe mushrooms."

Maine Medical Marijuana
"...to provide patients, caregivers, and doctors with the information they need to safely and legally obtain and use medical marijuana. We strive to keep our users with the most up to date information..."

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods & Oils
"...the largest vertically integrated hemp food manufacturer in the world."

Man of Substances, A
"In between are the exploits of one of Canada's marijuana cultivation pioneers, at turns resourceful and rash, sincere and sardonic, hardworking and hammered."

Marijuana & Cannabis Blog
"Cannabis has world changing abilities and is too valuable for our society to be illegal...."

Marijuana - It's Time For a Conversation
"Treating people who use drugs as criminals has had serious impacts on civil liberties and diverted attention from other approaches to the problems sometimes caused by drug use."

"...news, forum, pics..."

Marijuana Anti-Prohibition Project, The
"...committed to working with local citizens, law enforcement, and elected officials to enact Medical Marijuana law reform."

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