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Drug, and Substance Use

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Montana Pain Management (MPM)
"Our mission is to establish a safe and educated cannabis therapy program under Montana Initiative 148..."

Most Hi
"...a homegrown, Colorado based Cannabis Culture magazine featuring the original pocketbook Dispensary Guide."

MrLunk's HideOut
"...Haarlem Coffeeshop Tour-420 Music-$$$, 420 Books-420 Events-Weedios-Vaporizer Info Dutch Coffeeshop News - High Tweets..."

Mundo Magico, El - Magical Earth, The
"Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Amazonian Sweat Lodge, Entheogenic Shamanism, Shamanic, Initiations and Plant Diet in The Amazon Rainforest of Peru..."

Mushroom Geeks: Magic Mushroom Forum Growing Shrooms
"Taking mushroom growing to the next level. Agar, bulk growing, outdoor patches and more!"

"...Photo Gallery, Fungi, Botanicals, GrassRoots, Resist & Rebel, Lifestyles, The Rabbit Hole, Storming the Gates, Wild Mushrooming, Forum International..."

"Iboga (aka eboga) has purportedly been known to the Pygmies of the Congo Basin for more than 20,000 years and in the past 300 years has played a central role in the Bwiti religion of West Central Africa..."

Núcleo de Estudos Interdisciplinares sobre Psicoativos (Portugal) (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies on Psychoactives)
"Este site é um espaço de diálogo acadêmico útil entre pessoas que, como pesquisadores, se sentem compelidos a tomar um posicionamento político e ético indispensável diante da questão das drogas, declarando-nos opostos ao regime proíbicionista."

Narco News Bulletin, The
"Reporting on the Drug War and Democracy From All America..."

Narcosphere, The
"...a participatory, online, forum, where readers and journalists come together to discuss, correct, add new information and relevant links, and debate the work of the journalists who publish on The Narco News Bulletin."

National Association of Drug Testing Advisers
"An Objective View on Drug Testing and the Drug Testing Industry..."

"...spirituality, entheogens, lucid dreaming, meditation, yoga, and sensory deprivation, among others..."

News2020: The Drug War Under Scrutiny...
"... where we hope to serve up the latest sceptical slant on the 'Drugs War' lunacy."

"... he intends to use the criminal charges against him as a rallying point to challenge the state's new medical marijuana law."

No Jail For Pot
"Nearly one million people are in jail in the United States for non-violent involving marijuana."

NORML Stash Blog, The
"The growing truth about Cannabis..."

NUG Magazine
"All contents are for entertainment and educational purposes only and are intended for mature audiences...."

"...the Irish-born, Scottish-educated physician who, while working for the British East India Company in the 1830s and '40s, wrote the journal articles that introduced cannabis to Western medicine."

Oaksterdam News
"Get involved! Join the Fight!"

OCW Magazine
"Hemp Magazines..."

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