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Ego Death
"The main origin and ongoing wellspring of religion is the use of visionary plants. These plants include Psilocybe mushrooms, Henbane, Cannabis, Opium, Peyote, Salvia divinorum, and Amanita mushrooms...."

Eleusis: Alternative Addiction Treatment Program Using Psychedelic Psychotherapy
"Featuring the pioneering technique of Ketamine psychedelic psychotherapy, Eleusis offers a unique combination of alternative alcohol and drug addiction treatments and complementary therapies that is available nowhere else..."

Eleusis: Journal of Psychoactive Plants and Compounds (Italy)
"... a forum for the collection and propagation of information on the relationship between humankind and psychoactive plants and compounds, considered both from the traditional and scientific perspectives."

Emperor of Hemp
"Jack's entire being was defined by his cause, and his pledge to fight every day until cannabis was legal, until he was dead, or until he turned 84...."

Ending Cannabis Prohibition
"The oppressed should rebel..."

End Prohibition
"The drug laws are based in bigotry, steeped in superstition and have no constitutional authority whatsoever...."

Enteógena (Entheogen) (Spanish)
"..un espacio creado para compartir información y experiencias relacionadas con la ingesta de sustancias enteogénicas desde el punto de vista de la psicología y psiquiatría transpersonales."

Entheo-WorldEyes Forum
"WorldEyes Sanctuary..."

Entheogen: Awaking the Divine Within
"...a synthesis of ecological and evolutionary awareness,electronic dance culture, and the current pharmacological re-evaluation of entheogenic compounds."

Entheogen Dot: Psychoactive Plant Community
"These forums are for the discussion of plant-based entheogens..."

Entheogenic Evolution, The
"Expanding consciousness, one quantum leap at a time..."

Entheogen Review, The - The Journal of Unauthorized Research on Visionary Plants and Drugs
"... a quarterly publication that served as a clearinghouse for data about the use of visionary plants and drugs."

"Psychoactive Hotlinks..."

"...constantly searching for shamanic cultures and traditions, doing our small part to preserve and to promote the sacred knowledge that has been demonized by modern Western society..."

"Psychoactive Hotlinks..."

Equal Rights 4 All
"... offers a complete interactive environment, with special benefits for members!"
http://www.equalrights4all.org/ ~ http://www.equalrights4all.us/

"Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans & Psychoactives"

Estoy Pacheco

Facing the Habit
"Can a root that grows in West Africa successfully treat heroin addicts and break the cycle of addiction?"

Far Out Magazine
"Festivals and Events do more than just provide great music and a good time; they are gathering places for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss their hopes, dreams and plans to make this a better world for all."

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