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Sacrament of Transition (Slovenia)
"Ibogaine has become known in the Western World primarily for its ability to interrupt a variety of poly-substance abuse disorders, with single-dose administration...."

Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER)
"... to educate the public about the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol to both the user and to society."

San Francisco Cannabis Clubs
"Let others know about your experiences at a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary! Review your local dispensary today!"

Santa Fe Hemp
"With a flimsy white sign declaring the city's first hemp company, and a smattering of hemp goods, the little family spread the word around town that hemp was here to save the planet...."

Santo Daime
"Ela tem propriedades enteógenas, isto é, produz uma expansão de consciência responsável pela experiência de contato com a divindade interior, presente no próprio homem."

Sapan Inka Project - Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies
"We are Peruvians and spiritual heirs of the Incan nation. We have gathered in order to restore our ancestors' spiritual values."

Saskatchewan Marijuana Party
"...consists of a group of ordinary citizens and social activists that oppose the prohibition of marijuana. The primary goal of the Saskatchewan Marijuana Party is to make the use and possession of marijuana legal in the province of Saskatchewan and Canada as a whole."

Sensible Seattle Coalition, The: Sponsors of I-75 (Seattle, Washington State, USA)
"I-75, supported by the League of Women Voters, establishes more sensible law enforcement priorities for Seattle. A YES vote will make resources available to protect our homes, streets and neighborhoods...."

Sensible Washington
"... a political committee dedicated to ending marijuana prohibition in Washington State and to enacting sensible civil regulation of marijuana in Washington State."

Starbudz Collective (Los Angeles, California, USA)
"All cannabis patients need to be aware that Starbudz Collective and all Los Angeles collectives have became a 'top priority closur' by the City of L.A. We have been forcefully evicted from our property with no criminal charges or citations or tickets against us...."

Stichting Institute of Medical Marijuana (SIMM)
"To produce and supply patients with high quality medical cannabis, at the lowest possible price; organically grown in soil in a clean environment, and properly handled throughout the growing/curing process...."

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)
"...an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society."

Suomen kannabisyhdistys (Finnland) (Cannabis Alliance)
"Hamppumarssi on jokavuotinen mielenosoitus, joka tarjoaa tilaisuuden tavata muita aktiiveja ja tuoda kannabiksen laillistamista julkisuuteen...."

Takiwasi: Centro de Rehabilitación de Toxicómanos y de Investigación de Medicinas Tradicionales (Spanish)
"El modelo de tratamiento del Centro, asocia y articula el conocimiento tradicional de los curanderos amazónicos y las técnicas psicoterapéuticas contemporáneas..."

Texas Cannabis Crusade (TCC)
"Join thousands of Texans in flooding the streets of Austin in the name of cannabis reform...."

Transform Drug Policy Foundation (TDPF) (UK)
"... a charitable think tank that seeks to draw public attention to the fact that drug prohibition itself is the major cause of drug-related harm to individuals, communities and nations, and should be replaced by effective, just and humane government control and regulation."

Truman State University's SSDP & NORML (Students for Sensible Drug Policy & National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)
"As informed college students, our goal is to raise awareness about the drug policies of the United States and to promote rational debate..."

Unified Collective (San Diego, California, USA)
"Founded in 2009, Unified Collective is dedicated to providing safe access to medical marijuana for its patients."

Unitarian Universalists for Drug Policy Reform (UUDPR)
"We call for thoughtful consideration and careful implementation of alternatives that regard the reduction of harm as the appropriate standard by which to test drug policies."

United States Marijuana Party
"We seeks to remove all penalties for adults 18 and over who choose to consume cannabis in a responsible manner...."

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