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We maintain sections of inactive links for the purpose of providing a link to an archived version of this website. Even though these old, inactive websites may not be updated regularly, some of them contain very important information to help you change our social organization.
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Nice Dreams Collective Caregivers (NDCC)
"Here is a list of ailments that can be controlled with the use of medical cannabis...."

Nimbin Hemp Bar
"As the days pass, and despite the sign, the number of times I have to say 'Alas, no cannabis or cookies for sale' has stayed the number one thing I say..."

Nimbin Hemp Embassy, The
"...objectives are cannabis law reform through educating the community about hemp products and cannabis, and promoting a more tolerant and compassionate attitude to people in general."

North American Industrial Hemp Council (NAIHC)
"Form and establish relationships between academia, farmers, agribusiness, manufactures, government, public interest groups, and marketing firms with emphasis on land management..."

November Coalition
"Members educate the public about destructive, unnecessary incarceration due to the U.S. drug war, and advocate for drug war prisoners...."

Oaksterdam University
"America's first cannabis college was founded in 2007 to provide students with the highest quality training for the cannabis industry."

Ohio Patient Network (OPN)
"... a coalition of patients, caregivers, activists and medical professionals who support the compassionate use of cannabis for various medicinal purposes...."

Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2010
"It will also legalize the sale, possession and personal private cultivation of marijuana...."

Oregon NORML Cannabis Café
"...leading the fight for commonsense regulation of the most useful plant ever known to mankind -- cannabis hemp."

Other Side Farms Medical Marijuana Information Center (California, USA)
"...a place for education and awareness of all things medical marijuana. The OTHERSIDE FARMS Medical Marijuana Information Center also offers various classes on Medical Marijuana education, including cultivation, cooking, medicinal benefits, and Cannabis law."

Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers (PIHG)
"...has worked tirelessly within the industry revising their business plan and contacting Venture Capital sources to raise enough money to build the first hemp fibre processing plant."

Patient ID Center (PIDC)
"The goal of the Patient ID Center (PIDC) formerly known as Oakland Cannabis Buyers' Cooperative (OCBC) is to provide seriously ill patients with a safe and reliable source of medical cannabis information and patient support."

Peaceful Sky Alliance (Hawaii, USA)
"Citizens dedicated to implementing the Lowest law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance in Hawaii..."

People United For Medical Marijuana
"There are hundreds of different strains, all having a different medicinal qualities. This allows the plant to treat a multitude of conditions...."

Peyote Way Church of God
"To preserve and protect the Holy Sacrament Peyote and its religious use; To make the entheogenic experience available to seekers; To encourage the cooperative spirit among all people..."

Raise Your Voice
"... a coalition of religious, criminal justice, drug treatment, education, civil rights, health organizations, and victims seeking to repeal the Drug Provision of the Higher Education Act..."

Reflections of Avalon (Ukiah, California, USA)
"Many of our patients have found relief from chronic ailments with the use of Marijuana. Marijuana has been shown to provide relief in the treatment of migraines, arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety disorders and much more...."

Release (UK)
"... providing free and confidential specialist advice to the public and professionals. Release also campaigns for changes to UK drug policy to bring about a fairer and more compassionate legal framework to manage drug use in our society."

Rhode Island Campaign for Informed Marijuana Policy (RICIMP)
"We are a grassroots organization commited to reforming Rhode Island's marijuana laws. We believe that the state is wasting limited resources by enforcing marijuana prohibition."

Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition (RIPAC)
"...Rhode Island's non-profit grassroots medical marijuana community. Patients, caregivers, doctors, nurses, health care providers, advocates, lawyers, organizations, and residents are invited to join our coalition."

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